Despite many claims against Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion fought the battle against the grain and defended the firefly creator

Despite many claims against Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion fought the battle against the grain and defe ...

Joss Whedon, a writer and director, has made a career change over the past few years, including Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, and Charisma Carpenter among the celebrities with the most to say about him (and in response to) Whedon. The list of former colleagues who have been acquitted of Whedon''s criticism has increased as a result of (and include) David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The Rookie star spoke with his former Fire

Nathan Fillion returned to Smallville after the topic of Firefly, which Fillion declared to be heartbreaking, while posing a no-show how the show might be ended in May.

Rosenbaum asked for Fillions'' opinions on the disputed Joss Whedon comments, which sparked a very specific reaction from the Malcolm Reynolds portrayal:

I read the article, and no one in there did he mention Firefly at any time in the time. I had a personal experience with the guy who died.

Nathan Fillion, who was then asked what his experience with Joss Whedon was like with Firefly, replied:

Funny, self-deprecating, and extremely talented. Maybe a little shattered. I mean, by his own admission, that guys are in a position to make progress. I would work with Joss again in a second.

Nathan Fillion, who spoke out against Joss Whedon, was no less enticing to dismiss those claims and reports of those who spoke out against other Whedon projects. So he wasnt exactly denying anyone that such allegations are legitimate, even though he didnt directly support anyone by ending the topic altogether. Eliza Dushku, on the flip side of the coin, was previously expressing her support for Charisma Carpenter, who was not spelled out directly in the way she handled her charges against Michael

So just in the event that anyone wondered if Fillion would still put his future distance between himself and Whedon on a professional level, that''s evidently not the case. There''s no clear answer to what the director will bring to light next from a creative perspective, but if he requires someone to fill the top spot on the call sheet, he''ll know where to look.

Any Word On A Firefly Revival?

According to Fillion, if Firefly does not make a return to fans in any live-action form following the Serenity feature, it''s safe to say that those chances could have improved since the Joss Whedon backlash. However, while it seems like he''d be skeptical about returning as Captain Mal with anyone other than Whedon as the spearheader, he''d certainly jump right into gear.

We talk, we joke, and we fantasize. If I say anything too substantial, itll go crazy. I hate being responsible for that crap. However, it''s an entire cast and crew of individuals who performed an amazing job on the job. It was short-lived, so it did not have the opportunity to suck.

It''s difficult to imagine any show that has more "revive this show" conversations than Firefly, with its single season having launched a comic book mini-verse. Not that viewers of the Fox series have allowed such two-dimensional fare to sway requests for the show''s crew to return for one last mission. (Or 8-13 last mini-missions, as it was.)

As Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon keep in touch, The Rookie enlivens the friendship between Fillion and Alan Tudyk, his former Firefly (and Con Man) co-star. Despite his factual promise, Tudyk might resume in the future, but it''s best not to get one back.

With a Hulu subscription, Firefly is available for download.