All clues and riddle answers to Steam Summer Sale

All clues and riddle answers to Steam Summer Sale ...

Valve has developed a fun interactive game on Steam to follow the platforms'' major summer sale this year. Alongside finding ridiculously large discounts on games, players may complete a quest line that includes solving riddles and looking for fake games along the way for laughs.

Clorthax, a mysterious character that has been described throughout Steam, will offer players hints and clues about the infamous games hes planted across it. Players must solve the puzzle to see the name of the game in question and find it on the store.

Unfortunately, despite server issues and massive amount of traffic on Steam right now, players are having trouble getting past the first clue. This article should be updated once the clues and their respective games are discovered again.

Clue one

Riddle: Youll find riches in rhythm, and fame in six strings / But beware of the tax burden that axe mastery brings

Guitar Billionaire is a game.

Clue two

Riddle: Youve settled a city and removed all of your roots / But now can you manage small legal disputes?

Custard Castle''s Small Claims Court

Clue three

Riddle: Sport is the angle / The bait the allure / Success the disease / And you are the healer

Bass Aint Bitin in 2022 is a game that focuses on bass.

Clue four

Riddle: Maybe you managed to shut down your competitors / Your lucrative theme parks are still dead on arrival

Magnate of Dead Seagull Zoo