Overwatch 2 will feature fresh damage passive and Moira changes on June 28th

Overwatch 2 will feature fresh damage passive and Moira changes on June 28th ...

Players will be allowed to test out a handful of new features that have been enabled since the first beta was ended on May 17.

In a blog post today, the developers outline some of these new ideas for the sequels second beta test. The post goes further in detail about some improvements beyond what we already know will be included on June 28, like the new tank Junker Queen and Hybrid map Rio.

Damage passive

Most recently, damage heroes'' passive ability has been changed for the second beta. Previously, all damage heroes had a speed boost that enabled them to take larger flanks and demolish enemies more easily.

Damage dealers will gain a passive that allows them to retain up to 30% of their ultimate charge when swapping to other heroes. This is a significant shift, but it allows more counter-picking during games and encourages players to make changes if necessary.

Support changes

According to the blog, support performance is being prioritized while dealing with the lack of enhancement or reworks given to healers in the first beta. However, no details were given, but Moira will receive significant improvements in a balance patch during the June 28 beta. These potential reworks were discussed in a previous developer blog.

Push mode changes

The Overwatch 2s push mode, which requires players to guide a friendly robot and his payload across a map, has received some criticism for being chaotic and overly speedy in terms of speed. Teams will now have ten minutes (instead of eight) to push the robot as much as they can while dealing with offensive offenses.

Competitive enabled (kind of)

Overwatch 2''s Competitive 2.0 upgrade will begin on October 4 but the developers have added a partial competitive ruleset for this second beta. Teams may play full maps but backfills will be permitted if a player disconnects. In theory, it is a competitive mode without any consequences.

After this round of negotiations, console players will get their first taste of the beta, with PlayStation and Xbox players urged to join the game. Devs will drastically increase server capacity to prepare for a larger population.

On Overwatchs website, you may sign up to the June 28 Overwatch 2 beta. Players who participated in the first beta are not guaranteed access to the second beta and will have to sign up again. The Watchpoint Pack, which includes two Legendary skins and the first battle pass, will be granted exclusive access to the beta.