Apex Legends has the best landing spots in Storm Point

Apex Legends has the best landing spots in Storm Point ...

The fourth map from Apex Legends brings a slice of paradise and a lot of damage to the royale.

Storm Point, an old IMC building, was built for the Outlands'' biggest bloodsport, including the Apex Games. The map has 18 marked POIs, and a plethora of smaller locations that can be used as valuable loots or as useful positions, mostly across an area 15 percent larger than Worlds Edge. However, knowing the best places to land can give players an advantage or make them roam the map for some time.

It''s easy to get lost between a paradisiac beach and a Prowler nest. Here are the best landing spots in Storm Point.

Apex Legends'' finest landing spots in Storm Point

Checkpoint is a wide array of elevated platforms that tower above the jungle, and it is also accessible to the general public, especially when it comes to attacking them.

You may drop into the jungle to shake off pursuers or try to reposition. There are several ziplines that will take you right to the top of the area. Characters with vertical movement abilities like Valkyrie, Revenant, and Pathfinder are equally attractive.

The sea monster that the legends uncovered in the season 13 launch trailer turned out to be a valuable source of loot. A Downed Beast flew into the West coast of Storm Points, and brought with it all kinds of goodies as well as exciting options for clashes.

Inside the sea monster, there is a mat where high-tier loot is guaranteed to spawn every match in the center of the beasts interior, on the ground floor. Players that get there first can usually count on gold weapons, knockdown shields, and purple armors. And, neo-ben-ben., it''s easy to move from Downed Beast to pick up any stragglers or secure a third-party fight at two of the most popular spots to hot drop.

According to Rodney Reece, Barometer is the heart of storm point, and it''s easy to see why. Barometer offers a variety of ways to play with heights: players can perch up on some of the towers from afar, stand in the rotating platform in the middle, or try to fight in the basement. The rotating platform has a great loot, but clever enemies can move up to the rest of the buildings to gain a height advantage.

If you like a bit of loot and motivation for different engagements, Antenna might be the best option. Catwalks that lead to the building and a slew of supply bins on elevated ground, with the rest of the dish lying below.

If they like to reposition on the platforms or wish to intimidate enemies, they may drop down to the dish itself, making use of the ziplines that connect the area to the nearby areas and houses if they are looking for something else to be changed quickly.

Antenna may be an important position to hold depending on the ring position, since it may serve as a choke from nearby areas. All in all, its a good POI for loot, but a great POI if you are looking for an early fight.

Inside the rock, a vast complex is spread across the larger rooms and narrow hallways.

While combat at the Command Center will only be close to the point, pack your favorite shotgun or submachine pistol and prepare for confrontations. Defensive legends can shine here, however.

This POI has a good position in Storm Point, close to a series of other POIs and not too far from the map''s center. While landing here will almost guarantee a good fight. You can get to the top of the mountain using some of the longest ziplines in Apex, which will make you feel like youre running up the big ladder in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

The Mill may be smaller in size than other POIs, but don''t let it fool you: there''s a lot of loot between the two buildings, but avoid traveling too far to get to it all. It''s also located directly next to a Prowler den, and has smaller houses directly to its west and north sides, but it''s still quite a breeze to back off and select a pistol or two before heading into the fray.

Lightning Rod is not exactly a hot drop, tucked away at the top corner of the map. However, it is a phenomenal spot for players who are looking to approach the game a little more tactically. It''s also the closest POI to the IMC Armory on the northeastern edge of the map, providing even more valuable, high-tier loot for your players.

Teams landing at Lightning Rod will seldom have to worry about landing on the wrong end of some of the Storm Points'' dramatic height differences, and the POI is also close to multiple gravity cannons, as well as the maps only redeploy balloon at High Point. If you end up with a final circle in Lightning Rod itself, you get the best spot in a POI that gets crowded very quickly.

These areas will not have as many players dropping onto them, but they may still be beneficial landing spots for players who aren''t eager to drop hot.

Cenote Cave is what it would be like if the houses inside the tunnels in Kings Canyons Cascades had a tropical view. The houses inside the cave and the many supply bins can offer excellent loot.

One of Cenote Cave''s weaknesses is its position on the map. Depending on the ring position, players will need to walk for a while before making any progress. Despite the fact that two Tridents are nearby, one outside of The Mill, which provides quick approaches to traverse the map.

Players who want to go foot can take the eastward staircase crossing the rock, which makes for a path to Barometer, or go the long way toward The Mill or Checkpoint.

Cenote Cave may have a strategic relationship with the Barometer and the entire western half of the island, according to Respawn in a blog post.

On the northern side of the map, North Pad will not be much of an issue here as a result of the abundance of supply bins and floor drops. North Pad also has the advantage of being an arrows shot away from Checkpoint, especially if players take the zipline that stands conveniently at the end of this area. Players may also take a trip to one of these two Tridents nearby to traverse longer distances.

These spots are ideal for occasions when you really don''t want to be disturbed when playing. Fish Farm is a quiet area far into the southeast of Storm Point, but it also compensates for the lack of loot. There are several supply bins scattered around the area, and the individual houses also carry their share of gear, attachments, and weapons.

With the introduction of IMC Armories, Fish Farms'' southern armory is nestled directly between Fish Farms and the smaller Gale Station. Don''t get any attachments, but you''ll be completely kitted until the day.