Who is the new Su-like character that was discovered in Genshin Impact?

Who is the new Su-like character that was discovered in Genshin Impact? ...

MiHoYo is constantly working on new content for Genshin Impact as the game undergoes a massive overhaul every six weeks. It''s no surprise that members of the Genshin community regularly uncover leaks for things to come in the near future.

Various members of the community have discovered a new character for Genshin Impact before the Version 2.8 update. Despite his promise to arrive in the game for quite a while, players are already impressed.

The character is currently being called Su and Su-like because he has a strong resemblance to Su from a different miHoYo game called Honkai Impact 3rd. He is also likely to be a Dendro character, which means he will not be seen in the game until the new region is also available.

Dendro is currently the only unplayable element in Genshin Impact and is expected to continue that way until miHoYo expands Teyvat to include the region of Sumeru. Sumeru has been heavily teased in the Genshin Impact storyline and from characters that players have conversed with during their voyages.

This new Su-like, Dendro character indicates that things are on the right track, and players might expect the expansion to Sumeru before Version 3.0 goes live, which could mean the Sumeru update will not happen then or simply that the character isn''t one of the first players to come across in the Dendro area.

The same Genshin leak account revealed the pieces of his character earlier, revealing a more complete image of the Su-like character. While the image does not appear to be an actual Dendro Vision, it is probably just Dendro decor. This is quite a blurry scene, therefore everything players are attempting to speculate about the character, since it is difficult to make details and this is still a very early concept for the character.

Su is a fairly minor character in Honkai Impact 3rd and is deceased in the game, but his unique appearance is appreciated by the community. Consequently, a new character in Genshin Impact who appears to be inspired by him has the Genshin community quite excited. The game is also able to see more male characters including only 15 of the 50 playable characters.

Following the leak of the Su-like character, players have expressed his concern that miHoYo will completely remodel and modify the game. Given that much of Genshin Impacts content is leaked long before it has been finalized, and final results almost always bear a strong resemblance to the original leaks, players may relax knowing that any changes made to the Su-like character will likely be minor and not affected by the leaks.

A new Genshin leak account issued a series of tweets and information they discovered about the Su-like character, but later took it down because of fear of becoming trouble for doing so. The information was shared on Reddit and includes that the characters design is Dendro, provides links to several pieces of fan art that show the Su-like characters'' appearance more clearly and quite accurately according to those who discovered the leaks, and that the Su-like character has a high reputation within the Dendro country.

Although the Genshin community believes that Version 3.0 might bring the official arrival of Sumeru and the Dendro Element, miHoYo has kept any official plans quiet, allowing players to only speculate about what will happen for now. However, considering that the Version 2.0 update had the Electro region of Inazuma, it appears that the Dendro region of Sumeru may be released in Version 3.0.