The Best Characters in Each Class in Arknights Tier List

The Best Characters in Each Class in Arknights Tier List ...

Players in Arknights get to choose Operators from eight different classes, each with special Archetypes that define the character''s character. Each class is divided into three sections, each with different abilities, each defining the character''s character. Each participant will choose the protagonist, who is simply referred to as "the Doctor." Naturally, several Operators will be successful, but none will be equally effective. In Arknights, we have created the perfect tier list that includes every class.

All Operators in Arknights, ranked

Operator Tiers
S+ Tier(6 Star)Eyjafjalla, Dusk, Coebe, Bagpipe, Flametail, Saga, Hoshiguma, Saria, Eunectes, Surtr, Blaze, SilverAsh, Kal''''tsit, Shining, Nightingale, Exusiai, Schwarz, Rosa, Phantom, Weedy, Aak, Angelina, Suzuran, Skadi
S Tier(6 Star)Carnelian, Ebenholz, Goldenglow, Ifrit, Mostima, Passenger, Blemishine, Horn, Mudrock, Nian, Ch''''en, Hellagur, Irene, Mountain, Nearl, Pallas, Skadi, Thorns, Lumen, Archetto, Ash, Ch''''en the Holungday, Fiammetta, Fartooth, Rosmontis, W, Gladiia, Mizuki, Lee, Specter the Unchained, Gnosis, Magallan, Ling, Saileach, Siege
A Tier(5 Star)Absinthe, Amiya, Beeswax, Corroserum, Iris, Kjera, Lava the Purgatory, Leizi, Leonhardt, Mint, Nightmare, Rockrock, Skyfire, Tomimi, Asbestos, Ashlock, Aurora, Bison, Blitz, Croissant, Czerny, Heavyrain, Hung, Liskarm, Nearl, Shalem, Vulcan, Akafuyu, Asteria, Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Flamebringer, Flint, Franka, Indra, La Pluma, Lappland, Savage, Sideroca, Spectre, Swire, Tachanka, Tequila, Whislash, Breeze, Ceylon, Folinic, Hibiscus the Purifier, Honeyberry, Mulberry, Ptilopsis, Silence, Tuye, Warfarin, Whisperain, Andreana, Aosta, April, Blue Poison, Erato, Executor, Firewatch, GreyThroat, Kroos the Keen Glint, Meteorite, Platinum, Provence, Sesa, Toddifons, Bena, Cliffheart, Enforcer, FEater, Frost, Kafka, Kazemaru, Kirara, Manticore, Mr. Nothing, Projekt Red, Robin, Snowsant, Waai Fu, Glaucus, Heidi, Istina, Mayer, Nine-Colored Deer, Pramanix, Quercus, Scene, Shamare, Sora, Tsukinogi, Windflit, Blacknight, Chaive, Elysium, Grani, Reed, Texas, Wild Mane, Zima
B Tier(4 Star)Click, Gitano, Greyy, Haze, Indigo, Pudding, Bubble, Cuora, Dur-nar, GummyMatterhorn, Arene, Beehunter, Conviction, Cutter, Dobermann, Estelle, Frostleaf, Jackie, Matoimaru, Mousse, Utage, Chestnut, Gavial, Myrrh, Perfumer, Purestream, Sussurro, Aciddrop, Ambriel, Jessica, May, Meteor, Pinecone, Shirayuki, Vermeil, Ethan, Gravel, Jaye, Rope, Shaw, Deepcolor, Earthspirit, Podenco, Roberta, Beanstalk, Courier, Myrtle, Scavenger, Vigna
C Tier(3 Star)Adnachiel, Ansel, Beagle, Cardigan, Catapult, Fang, Hibiscus, Kroos, Lava, Melantha, Midnight, Orchid, Plum, Popukar, Spot, Steward, Vanilla
D Tier(2 Star)12F, Durin, Noir Corne, Rangers, Yato
E Tier(1 Star)Castle-3, Justice Knight, Lancet-2, THRM-EX

Operators that others might favor may not suit your playstyle or team composition. We recommend players test out their favorite Operators according to their gameplay. Below is a list of Operators from each Class that performs exceptionally, even in difficult conditions.


  • Bagpipe stands at the helm of S+ Tier characters, and she is one of the Vanguard Operators every player needs in their frontline. Bagpipe''''s Talent includes Precise Reloading and Martial Tradition, which are perfectly suited for a DP-gaining playstyle.


  • SilverAsh is a ranged Guard Operator who can reveal invisible enemies and perform attacks over wide ranges. SilverAsh''''s Skills include Power Strike, Rules of Survival, and Truesilver Slash. Power Strike increases ATK of the next attack, while Rules of Survival reduces the range to increase DEF and restore HP. His offensive power doubles with increased range while using the Truesilver Slash. This attack allows SilverAsh to attack three targets concurrently.


  • Saria is a top guardian Defender Class Operator who focuses on Healing, Defense, and Support. Her Skills include First Aid, Medicine Dispensing, and Calcification. First Aid restores the HP of a closeby ally with below 50% HP. Similarly, Medicine Dispensing heals all allies in a certain range. Calcification not only heals all allies close by but also amplifies the Arts damage inflicted on enemies, making her the perfect Defender in Arknights.


  • Phantom is an executor Specialist Class Operator who emphasizes DPS and Fast-Deploy. His Skills include Phantom of the Night, Bloody Opus, and Night Raid. The first Skill allows Phantom to dodge Physical attacks, while Bloody Opus grants ATK buffs that can be used to prioritize targets. Night Raid damages all enemies surrounding Phantom while slowing, binding, and stunning them.


  • Exusiai is the best choice if you''''re looking for the perfect Sniper Operator to deal high damage to aerial enemies. Exusiai''''s Skills include Charging Mode, Shooting Mode, and Overloading Mode. The Operator shoots three, four, and five times in a row, dealing extremely high ATK Damage. Her Talents include Fast Cartridge and Angel''''s Blessing which gives allies ATK and Max HP buff.


  • Eyjafjalla is the strongest Caster Class Operator in Arknights. Her Pyrobreath Talent gives passive buffs to other Casters on the team and has exceedingly high attack and AoE Arts damage. Her Ignition Skill deals 240% attack with Magic damage, while Volcano deals +55% ATK with increased range and speed.


  • Shining is a ranged healer classified as a Medic Operator who buffs ally Defense. Shining''''s Auto-Protect Skill grants shields on the following heal, while Creed Field increases ATK +20% and DEF +30% for all allies in range. Her Black Fiend''''s Protection increases ally DEF, and it''''s ideal to stay within her ability range.


  • Angelina is undoubtedly one of the most versatile Supporter Class Operators in the game, and we recommend players increase her Skill Mastery quickly. She not only buffs ASPD of all allied units but also attacks and slows four enemies simultaneously. Her Part-time Job Talent passively heals all ally units by 20 per second.

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