In CoD Warzone, how do the Sequencer and EMP Grenades work?

In CoD Warzone, how do the Sequencer and EMP Grenades work? ...

Both Sequencer Grenades and EMP Grenades can be used to gain an advantage over your opponents in certain gunfight situations. Here''s how the Sequencer and EMP Grenades work and how to find them in Warzone.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, what is a Sequencer Grenade?

The Sequencer Grenade, which is used on a player, alters its HUD and disrupts its game audio. It has also altered the player''s screen, causing an even greater distortion effect than previously seen as the "Numbers," broadcast in the Cold War. The effects of a Sequencer Grenade can be negated using a Battle Hardened perk or by using a Stim tactical.

The Sequencer Grenade is currently only available on the Fortune''s Keep map. Players may get this tactical equipment for $500 from the Black Market Buy Station, which can be reached through the Black Market Supply Run Contract.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, what is an EMP grenade?

An EMP Grenade can disrupt enemy electronics for a short period. Most importantly, it can toss vehicles within its effective radius for ten seconds. Players may use the Battle Hardened perk to reduce the effects of this tac.

*Notely unavailable for use.

In Warzone Pacific, players may use the EMP Grenade as their tactical equipment from the loadout customization menu. Moreover, they may find this non-lethal equipment as ground loot on all maps and game modes.

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