Peter Weber has rejected a contract with ABC

Peter Weber has rejected a contract with ABC ...

Former Bachelor Peter Weber, aka Pilot Pete, was about to dive into the spotlight and pursue love for Bachelor in Paradise for the second season. However, something hindered him. According to an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Weber chose not to attend BIP because he could not reach a contract agreement.

I was actually going to do Bachelor in Paradise, according to Weber. I was just going to do it. At the end of the day, we were just unable to agree on a contract.

I had an early morning leave so I had to give it a shot. I was truly thankful for that. I always kept looking at that as like the one location I hadn''t experienced yet.

Weber wanted to pursue romance in paradise, but he also had an eye on a particular bachelorette. Although he wouldnt reveal to Us Weekly exactly who she was, he did speculate that she was on The Bachelor''s season.

Did Weber Make the Right Choice?

Peter Weber (@pilot_pete) wrote a post.

Weber has no difficulty in attracting women on or off camera. The interview with Us Weekly took place at the Martha Stewarts Mario Badescu Skin Care Garden Party in New York City on Tuesday, June 21, and according to Page Six, she was surprised by women at the party.

According to a spy, Stewart was unable to attend due to COVID-19, but Page Six was informed that it felt like Stewart was playing matchmaker from afar. It felt like a second shot at love. [Weber] arrived early and stayed until the very end, and a lot of women were coming up to him all night.

It does not appear that Weber would go on BIP to meet women. So, he stated that while he was not able to reach a financial agreement with ABC, he believed [I might] give it a try. So, I ended up being unable to agree on anything and get out there for a reason, so it''s all good.

Will the Past Dictate the Future?

After the difficulties he faced on the Hannah Browns season of The Bachelorette, Weber was never successful again in finding love as The Bachelor. He admitted to Us Weekly, and it seemed like I was never able to date anymore. I was in a strange situation [after everything that had] gone on with me.

In the present day, Weber has had a turbulent romantic history. First, he was rejected by Bachelorette Hannah Brown after a famous windmill incident, something, he told Good Morning America, but he did not want to define him.

After becoming the lead on The Bachelor, he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss. Despite, he continued following in the footsteps of former bachelors Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr, and ended up with his girlfriend for his third-round match, in this case Madison Prewett.

When that didn''t work out, Weber began dating another one of his rejected bachelorettes, Kelley Flanagan. And that relationship failed, with Flanagan publicly declaring I wanted more of a man.

Weber is currently single, but he will not change that status on Bachelor in Paradise at least not in 2022.