Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are set to star in a musical biopic film

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are set to star in a musical biopic film ...

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are finally going to play in another movie. Although Hallmark hasn''t officially announced the film yet, producer Ron Oliver shared the good news on social media, which included a photo labeled Confidential Crown Media.

This Will Be a Musical Biopic, According to Ron Oliver

On an Instagram post, director Ron Oliver revealed that Alexa and Carlos PenaVega had filmed a musical biopic. The caption for the photo read Confidential Crown Media, indicating this is likely to be a Hallmark film.

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Sir Ronald Oliver wrote the Directors Cut of his latest film, which features his darling Penavegas in a musical film, and was honored in a usual manner. With a Frolic Room martini and a hug from his beloved girlfriend, Austin!

As a crowd watches on, Alexa and Carlos on stage in his first photo. This was the image depicted by Confidential Crown Media.

One person replied, hoping that this movie would be for Hallmark Sir Ronald! Enjoy the PenaVegas!

One of his captions said the movie might have been shot in Utah.

Three weeks ago, he disclosed in a note that he had just finished filming a Hallmark film in Utah, and that he could only describe it as a perfect filming experience.

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Oliver said the film about a former Teen Pop star and a former child is based on Real Life.

Oliver shared a photo from Alexa PenaVega during filming for the film on May 26, which he had taken.

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On May 25, he shared a photo with Carlos PenaVega while they spent time together in Utah.

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Oliver tells us in a post on April 26, how the film was described: "It''s a music-centric tale, which involves an ex teen pop star and an ex child film star," says a blogger who writes a different story about his own life story. "With a pedigree such a, it''s going to be a very interesting shoot."

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On May 4, Alexa PenaVega said that they were planning to make something really special.

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The stars of the Hallmarks Picture Perfect Mysteries film series are Alexa and Carlo PenaVegas.

The PenaVegas once lived in Los Angeles, but they left the Hollywood life for a quieter environment in Hawaii where they could focus more on their children. They made the move in 2017, according to People.

Alexa said she did not fit the Hollywood style. She told People that after their first son, Ocean, was born in 2016, they realized that their lives and their priorities were just quite different from those who grew up in the area. She said their neighbors were fantastic, but they didn''t have children and they weren''t married, therefore their lifestyles were substantially different.

She said that when we were living in California, there was never actually a break. It''s every day in the industry. We thought, we needed a place to go and reconnect, and that must be our home.

Carlos said about their Hollywood lives: "I couldnt relate to people who didnt necessarily agree on how I wanted to live my life."

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In late 2021, the couple began living on a boat together and traveling more.