The Minecrafts Mangrove Restoration Project map is about activism

The Minecrafts Mangrove Restoration Project map is about activism ...

Minecraft is a place in which anything is possible. It is one of the key examples of what sandbox games are capable of, because people use it to invent their favourite games. Some use it as a way to mix up existing ones and experiment with the in-game algorithms to basically program new things in it, and others just like to build amazing things.

The Mangrove Restoration Project by Everbloom Games is a fairly limited map, but this one has an environmentally friendly look. Players are tasked with the creation of new trees to fix the mangrove forests of the world.

Here''s what''s going on in the trailer.

The more you improve the climate of the world by planting more trees, the more wildlife returns to the area. The map also shows a huge swath of unique wildlife, some beautiful-looking kayaks, and a general focus on how to positively impact our environment. While it''s not the same as actually getting out into the world and doing some good, it''s a good way to educate younger players about trying and helping the planet.

The map, which is called Rooted Together, can be downloaded right here. It''s a significant part of Mojang''s partnership, which involves them giving $200,000 to the cause, and it''s nice to see some charitable streams coming later in the summer.

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