Osiris' Freelance Trials in Destiny 2 may be permanent

Osiris' Freelance Trials in Destiny 2 may be permanent ...

Trials of Osiris, from Destiny 2 will be available in Freelance this weekend, and Bungie is considering making it a permanent feature for the multiplayer game. For the time being, Freelance is only made available occasionally, allowing solo players to jump in and compete in some of Destiny 2''s most popular games.

The first Freelance Trials of Osiris in the new Season of the Haunted will take place on June 24-26, and as the latest This Week at Bungie notes, it''s a chance for anyone who is curious about the 3v3 mode to jump in and check things out. Osiris draws two teams of three against each other in a different way of Elimination, and the goal is to defeat the opposing team in nine wins in a row.

In Trials of Osiris, you must have two more players in your fireteam. Freelance adds matchmaking, and Destiny 2 will find you some other Guardians to fill out your squad.

Benjyyy, the lead of the Last Rites Destiny 2 clan, asked Bungie on Twitter for permanent Freelance, replying to a Bungie tweet, promoting this week''s latest feature.

Bungie replied on that as ya explains. All your feedback on Freelance, especially this one, is being sent to the project.

As a result, the addition of a permanent Freelance queue to Trials of Osiris is at least in active discussion at Bungie. While this would allow more players to check out Trials each weekend, some players argue that it might eliminate the traditional Trials player pool, since matches may be an a simple way to go flawless.

As it tends to do, time will tell.