Some changes will be made in the WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King

Some changes will be made in the WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King ...

The guiding concept for the future of the Blizzards throw-back World of Warcraft spinoff, WoW Classic, can be combined with the first hashtag used by the more die-hard members of the fan community: #NoChanges. WoW Classic was to give an unmistakable retro experience of the worlds most tenured MMO, and for the most part it succeeded.

Classic has devised a relatively simple approach, which includes incorporating a clock right from the start (likely to prevent players from seeing that they have missed several hours of work). In a recent post, Blizzard has discussed the origins of the design, defining the reason for certain modifications.

Naxxramas Buff

The original 2008 version of Naxxramas was thought to be more effective than the previous, but Blizzard said it overpowered the mark and made it much too easy. There was a long wait till Ulduar, and Naxxramas had been flogged into meaty chunks long before by even casual raiders. As such,Blizzard will be improving both the health and the damage of monsters and bosses in the massive raid.

Keep Heroic Dungeons Relevant

Veteran of the original WotLK may recall that the Heroic dungeons became extremely easy mid-way into the expansion, and became perceived as a hazy that you had to endure during the expansion. Blizzardis is now looking to expand that, making sure that theheroic dungeons remain extremely difficult and keep dropping valuable loot. Though there are no indications yet, though, they are hoping to add challenges as the expansion continues.

Update Itemisation and Raid Lock Systems

Many changes and tweaks to Emblems and raid lock-outs were made from Trial of the Crusader onwards. This final concept, designed to provide a more consistent experience, is establishing this first model from the start of the game, so that raid lockouts and Emblems function the same way for every content drop.

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