How to send a digital gift card via Steam

How to send a digital gift card via Steam ...

Valve offers the possibility to send digital gift cards on the Steam platform, which is effective the possibility to send funds between friends. These funds are not immediately removed from the Steam platform, and are then sent to the recipient wallet once the gift is accepted.

This improves the likelihood of arriving on a Steam wish list, giving users the ability to spend the money on precisely what they want at that time, or to save the money for a later date. Unfortunately, sending a digital gift card is not an option for Steam users, since it is often difficult to understand.

How to receive a Steam digital gift card via a browser

The subscription to the Steam Store digital gift card page will be available in real-time amounts, according to the browser. Select the Send through Steam button, which allows users to select how much money they would like to send. The digital gift cards are only available in specific, predetermined amounts:

  • $5
  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

Unfortunately, sending a friend $60 can only be done in two separate gift cards. Once users select the amount, theyll need to sign-in to the Steam platform again. From there, select the desired recipient, and complete the payment process.

Receiving a digital gift card through Steam

Receiving a digital gift card on Steam is similar to receiving a gifted title. Users will receive an alert that a gift is waiting for them, and when selected, users will be asked if they want to accept the pending gift. The recipient''s name and message are clearly displayed prior to the users having to accept or decline the gift.

The proceeds are immediately added to the recipient''s Steam wallet when the gift is accepted. However, users should note that the Steam Community Market is restricted for 72 hours, with the timer beginning after the funds are added.