In Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, how can you defeat Fyodor the Soul Warden?

In Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, how can you defeat Fyodor the Soul Warden? ...

As you make your way to the Soul Warden, Fyodor is the boss you will be facing at the end of the Molten Mirrors DLC. This DLC is filled with treacherous obstacles to overcome. This vile foe is fired out of his mechanical woes, preventing you from coming to him without his brave hero seeking glory. Do you have what it takes to finish Fyodor the Soul Warden?

Fyodor begins the battle with a boss standing atop his mechanical throne. During this time, you will have to wait until you can destroy him. Avoid the purple balls that will certainly be the death of your character as you go around the throw and shoot the red crystals called Soul Cells. There are four of these to destroy. Fyodor will then jump down and you will have the chance to damage him for the first time.

TIP: When Fyodor jumps down, make sure to keep on the move to avoid shots from the cannon he is using. Make sure to remove them if you need. Make sure to take them out if necessary so that they don''t overwhelm you. When Fyodor falls asleep, you will be forced to withdraw. Fyodor will let you back away before doing so.

After being teleported, you will be in a long hallway with three cannons at the end. As needed, apply bullet enemies to avoid throwing balls down the hallway. Use the jump pad at the end to get back to the boss arena. Repeat this process by destroying the Soul Cells and threatening Fyodor.

When Fyodor approaches half his health, he will become invulnerable again and teleport you to another hallway. This time, two cannons will be held in the shoot area. If possible, place yourself in between the landing spots of either of the cannons. This will prevent you from being able to escape by running down the hallway. Repeat the arena step once more by destroying the Soul Cells and Fyodors'' health.

If Fyodor finishes his battle, you will be teleported one final time to a hallway with five cannons at the end. The cannons will all be bouncing left and right like in the previous hallway. Consider the jump pad once more to take the entire fight back to the arena. After defeating Fyodor, make sure to use the Wheel of Fate to spend your Lost Souls.