The Quarry Hard Pass Achievement Guide

The Quarry Hard Pass Achievement Guide ...

It''s a series of branching paths that may be used to accomplish your goals. Depending on how your story progress, you may enlist a variety of Steam accomplishments, Xbox achievements, and PlayStation trophies for your actions. The Quarry, in particular Hard Pass, is proving to be quite a challenge for many players, so read on for all we know so far.

The Quarry''s Hard Pass achievement is a task that is unlocking.

The Hard Pass achievement/trophy is a secret one, but the description is pretty straightforward. Elizas gets a boost, and it shows how it should be unlocked. She is sure to, however, to know how it should be avoided.

Eliza offers help in several ways, but the most obvious is her tarot card readings. Every time you discover a tarot card in the game, shell be able to read your fortune between chapters. However, you may even refuse to probe deeper once she explains the card and offers her insight. This is every time until the credits roll is assumed to be the method of unlocking the achievement/trophy.

Alternatively, you may avoid getting Eliza''s offer, but not picking up any tarot cards in the first place. We have a list of all the tarot card locations in the game, but even if you stumble upon one, you cannot press the button to pick it up. Thats the way to go if you want to avoid even the possibility of accepting her help.

The Hard Pass achievement bug

Yes, we said theory and assumed when describing how to unlock the Hard Pass achievement/trophy before. Thats because Hard Pass is currently bugged in The Quarry. Publisher 2K is aware of this bug, and it promised on Twitter to fix it in [the] next post-launch update. We don''t know when the update will arrive or if the achievement will be unlocked retroactively once its applied, so keep an eye on it.

We are aware of an obstacle that causes the Hard Pass achievement/trophy to be missed as intended, and we intend to do so in our next post-launch update. Thank you for your patience.