How to Get Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge in the Steam Summer Sale

How to Get Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge in the Steam Summer Sale ...

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale has been surpassed by previous sales by absurd discounts, and offers the opportunity to earn trading cards and craft event-specific badges, but there are also a few interesting differences this time around. Clorthax, a time-traveling trickster, is on a quest to offer you some of the most comprehensive and (supposedly) famous games from the far future.

Follow Clorthax''s quest along with a promotional promo code and get a decent prize from the Steam Store.

How to earn the Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge

Clorthaxs has withdrawn ten games from Steam''s far-flung future, requesting that you find them. Instead, he can give you riddles to hint at the games'' location, causing, in his own words, smaller [paradoxes.] that will just make the future somewhat bleak.

So the game is afoot. Solve Clorthaxs riddles and with each game you discover, you''ll earn a new reward and inch closer to achieving your Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge. Find them all and you''ll be sitting pretty with a shiny new fully leveled-up badge.

If you want to navigate Steam and earn your badge, then you should make sure the Steam servers are up and running. Check out our Steam documentation to avoid any server issues and detect any login information error. With confidence, you''ll be able to dodge any server interruptions and find those oddly-titled games from the future without any issues.