How to get the Steam 3000 Badge from the Steam Summer Sale

How to get the Steam 3000 Badge from the Steam Summer Sale ...

The Steam Summer Sale in 2022 will offer plenty of discounts on a wide spectrum of games. It also includes a few other promotional events. There is a riddle (involving someone named Clorthax) that awards players with a limited-time Badge. And there is also a Steam 3000 Badge.

You need to select a Trading Card to get the new Badge, just like you do for other Badges. This particular Badge requires completion of a set of 10 Trading Cards themed after the aforementioned Clorthax. This means you can''t earn them by simply spending time playing games. Instead, you can benefit from participating in the Summer Sale in a few ways.

How to get Steam 3000 Trading Cards

  • Complete Explore queues: This is the easiest option for earning Trading Cards. All you need to do is go to your Store page and scroll down until you see the prompt to start another Discovery queue, as shown above. Then, just scroll through all the games in the queue to receive one free Trading Card. You can only do this once per day though, and it resets at 12 PM ET.
  • Purchase games: You can also earn Trading Cards by buying games during the sale. You will receive one Card per $10 spent.
  • Trade for Cards: You can trade for Cards in the Trade Forum or directly with anyone on your friends list. Its also easy to check if any friends have Cards youre missing in the set by selecting the Steam 3000 Badge on your Badges page.
  • Buy Cards on the market: If youd rather not bother with the process of getting Card drops or trading for them, or if you just want to fill in a gap or two in your collection, you can always just purchase Trading Cards from the Community Market. This usually isnt too expensive, with most Cards selling somewhere in the $0.06-0.08 range, although limited-time Cards are likely to be more expensive.

Doing these tasks will give you everything you need to get a badge.