Is it possible to play Steam games on your phone? Answered

Is it possible to play Steam games on your phone? Answered ...

Despite mobile gaming still evolving in interesting ways, PC and console games remain leagues ahead in terms of quality, variety, and scope. Steam is the de facto leader on PC, and if you are reading this, you are likely to be among the millions of players who play Steam games on your phone. This quick guide will answer any questions you may have about playing Steam games on your phone.

Can you play Steam games on your phone?

The answer is yes. The Steam Deck is not the only way to play PC games on the go: Steam Link is a form of streaming software that allows you to stream Steam games directly to your computer, your TV, or directly to your mobile device. Steam Link is available for Android and iOS, and therefore requires a persistent internet connection to operate.

The downsides are pretty self-explanatory. Since you are not actually playing on your chosen device, but rather streaming from another, you will notice a slight latency and some graphical interruption. As long as you are not playing online multiplayer games and your connection is decently fast, the experience will not suffer.

How to play Steam games on your phone

To play Steam games on your phone or other mobile devices, you must first purchase Steam Link from the App Store if you are using iOS or the Google Play store for Android. Then complete the connection process and you are all set. Note that Steam must be running in order to be able to connect to it. You can not start Steam remotely through the app.

Steam Link is compatible with almost all Steam games, and you may also use a Bluetooth controller that can be connected to your phone. There are a number of controls, some of which are emulating keyboard and mouse controls, and many more typical of mobile games.