Jared Padalecki, cast and on Walker season 3 premiere prey on a sequel

Jared Padalecki, cast and on Walker season 3 premiere prey on a sequel ...

Do you want to know the premiere date for the Season 2 finale on The CW? Is it time to get started, and you are sure you''ve got some feedback.

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First and foremost, let''s get some unfortunate news out of the way here that might well be waiting a long time to see the show return. There is no official date set for Thursdays alongside theWalker: Independenceprequel series, but we expect it to return in either the first or second week in October, given that this is what The CW has traditionally done. (Granted, were forced to completely cancel a substantial portion of their programming, and they have been shifting a number of things.)

At the moment, we were puzzled that the Jared Padalecki series would last for another year. After all, it''s hard to conjure up an argument against it! What we learned at this particular moment in time, the ratings were excellent enough to give light to a prequel, and this is one of their rare programs that really appeal to everyone in the race. Westerns and pseudo-westerns are also popular right now, thanks toYellowstoneand with the appropriate promotion, and it''s still possible that

The first day of theWalkerseason 3 celebration will be announced later in the summer, and to go along with that, there will be a teaser with at least a little more footage.

In the following posts, please make sure you get these updates back! After all, remember to keep coming back there are more updates coming, and we do not want you to miss any of them. (Photo: The CW.)