Is Greys Anatomy and Station 19 the new ABC programming tonight? On June 23

Is Greys Anatomy and Station 19 the new ABC programming tonight? On June 23 ...

IsGreys Anatomynew tonight on ABC? Is it time to reprise the medical drama or the firefighter spin-offStation 19? There is a lot of room to talk through inside this piece.

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The bad news is that the medical drama isstillon hiatus. We would love to sit here and say that both of these events will be released on Thursday, October 6, and we hope to see some more casting or production in the coming weeks.

Kate Walsh was one of the greatest recurring performers on season 18, but she also brought a lot of nostalgia and personality to the proceedings. Various things can be found here, as well. Some people think this show tends to become a little bit forgotten.

Walsh disclosed to KTLA in a new interview that his audience would like to return with the correct story:

I might try to come back and do this next season. It''s just comfortable-cozy and the writing has never been better. It''s just an incredible cast and crew.

Odds are, well, that you may wait a while for more confirmation on this. There are still some series regulars who have lost their jobs until the end of season 18. Bears and Owen departed Seattle at the end of season 18, despite Bailey''s choice.

What more do you want to see about Addison? Let us know right now! Once you do it, make sure to keep an eye on some additional updates that we do not want you to miss. (Photo: ABC.)