Is Legacies on The CW getting some new things tonight? Is there any hope for Season 5?

Is Legacies on The CW getting some new things tonight? Is there any hope for Season 5? ...

IsLegaciesnew tonight on The CW? We know that last week concluded in a powerful way; yet, we can argue that there was room for further stories. Caroline had just shown up to be headmistress!

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Unfortunately, this is where we must take on the responsibility of bearer of bad news. Last week was the series finale for the Danielle Rose Russell series. While it would be fun to see it find life again someday, there are no plans for a season 5 at the network or elsewhere. At least executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews learned far enough in advance that this might be the final season that they were able to reach a worthy conclusion. This is likely a large part of the reason why both Klaus and Caroline were

The end ofLegaciesdoes comes as the end of an era, as for the first time, there are no shows inside the extendedVampire Diariesuniverse. That''s a tricky process to swallow, but Plec has stated that there is still a chance the franchise returns. At this point, we almost wonder if HBO Max will become a little more aggressive and select a larger streaming audience. This is something that worked withGossip Girl, and we absolutely hope that it might

For the time being, please bear with us the memories of Hope, Lizzie, and all of the other great characters we met onLegaciesover the years. What you see, however, the show was a pleasure, emotional, and imaginative, although sometimes it would be all three in just a few minutes.

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