Season 9 of MasterChef: Is it renewed and canceled at Fox?

Season 9 of MasterChef: Is it renewed and canceled at Fox? ...

Is it possible to expect aMasterChef Juniorseason 9 renewal following the big finale tonight on Fox? Or, are we approaching the end?

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For the time being, there is no 100% official renewal for another season. However, there is no reason for the network to cancelMasterChef Junior. This is a show that scores are decent, especially proportional to its budget. It also has a Gordon Ramsay empire on the network virtually year-round. Why would they want to veer away from that?

This summer,MasterChef: Back to Win features two formerMasterChef Juniorcontestants is another good example of how these young applicants are going to do bigger and better things in good health. Some of these young applicants may be successful executive chefs down the road. This allows them to not only develop greater experience and technique, but also begin to develop a brand that is vital in this modern-day age of celebrity good. (For some of these young cooks, that might take decades.)

So long as we receive a season 9, this is the kind of show that might debut at virtually any moment. Fox can use it as a utility player anytime that they have a hole in their schedule. It has had an amazing timelots over the years, so we don''t believe there will be any concern about finding a suitable location for it.

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