Season 12 of Call the Midwife: How are the expectations on the set?

Season 12 of Call the Midwife: How are the expectations on the set? ...

We know that the nextCall the MidwifeChristmas Special was still six months away, and with that, the kick-off for Season 12 will be different! We''re able to dive into a number of things related to the show, especially when it comes to the status of production.

HERE are some pictures from Matt and Jess TV!

How are the things going right now? Shocking! The series is seemingly past its Christmas Special, and instead is exploring the wide range of different climates that can be said year-round. In a tweet on Facebook, the series reveals that they have been surprised by the increased temperatures that they have had as of late to work with:

As you know, we always mark the changing seasons in our drama. Christmas, Easter, Summer fireworks, and many more displays each one mark a page in our characters'' story through time This year is no different, and this week has featured a surprisingly hot under the collar for filming. However, it''s far better to feel soggy and washed-out!

The filming will take place for a while, but we tend to believe that this new season (premiering, past the Christmas Special, in early 2023 in the United Kingdom) will bring you more of what you love. It is like receiving a comforting hug once and twice a day, and no matter how long it takes, it is here for you.