Matt Lintz of Ms. Marvel might have been the Marvel Spider-Man

Matt Lintz of Ms. Marvel might have been the Marvel Spider-Man ...

Matt Lintz, who plays the Walking Dead on the Disney Plus, has just made his official debut on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Lintz himself recently revealed that he nearly became the role of Spider-Man before Tom Holland was chosen.

Ms. Marvel is known as a loner, as she often works with her friends in college, and is therefore an essential superhero in every facet. When his time on The Walking Dead came to an end, he decided to concentrate on returning to school.

While the opportunity to audition for Ms. Marvel came his way, he couldn''t refuse. Ms. Marvel was the first show he had agreed to watch since the hit AMC drama ended. Lintz started with him posing for the famous role of Peter Parker, or as a Spider-Man, back in 2015. The Walking Dead actor was apparently one of the top three actors seriously considered for the iconic hero.

Lintz admitted to Ms. Marvel''s virtual press conference that he had no trouble getting the role, provided that he eventually got to meet Holland while on the set of the new Marvel series. He said, "I just got to speak to him in many ways." He is an amazing person and actor. It appears that life has come full circle.

Although Lintz''s character does not possess any abilities or abilities, he also has a wealth of inner wisdom that assists Kamala throughout her journey in Ms. Marvel. Lintz opted to withdraw from school in order to devote all his energy to the program.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney Plus.