The Top 10 Traits from Decay 2

The Top 10 Traits from Decay 2 ...

State of Decay 2 is a zombie-style survival game that keeps players on their feet and constantly moving. In the event of things becoming a bit dangerous, there is always a relatively safe place to go.

This is because players can get food, rest, and upgrade their weapons. However, a base is only ever as good as the survivors that live there. This is why having residents with great traits is so important. Some traits are excellent to look out for, and others are worth avoiding.

10 Quartermaster

While it''s worthwhile to look into traits that have more than one point, some might result in a clash, or they may only be three relatively useless additions that are only there to persuade the player to get them. Fortunately, the Quartermaster is the opposite.

It''s great for anyone who does not want to go with storage. However, even if the player isn''t interested in getting every material, there isn''t much much ammo or energy.

  • +5 Maximum To Materials Storage
  • +5 Maximum To Ammo Storage
  • +5 Maximum To Fuel Storage

9 Eats Like A Bird

Food can be a tricky issue in State of Decay 2. It''s something many players prefer to overlook and often proves to be a pain that only arises when players have excellent things to do.

Despite the Eats Like A Bird concept, survivors will end up using a little less food than the average person. 50% is a substantial amount and will assist players in their time, effort, and time they can put into scavenging or simply stockpiling the food already available, allowing it to expand slightly.

  • -50% Of Food Consumed Per Day

8 Can Sleep Anywhere

At the start of State of Decay 2, players will find themselves in a relatively small base that allows for resources and even fewer beds. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when survivors and the player are sleep-deprived.

In State of Decay 2, sleep deprivation is a real concern and can quickly become an issue that allows players to do what they intend to do. Especially when there aren''t enough beds for players to sleep in, grab a survivor with this charm and one bed will become free, allowing for that precious rest from exploring dangerous lands.

  • -1 Beds Used

7 Immortal

While the name itself is sufficient to assist the most supporters of State of Decay 2 at the same time, it''s not entirely true. It would be particularly overpowered if a survivor was genuinement.

It''s important to note that these survivors are a lot stronger than other survivors, especially as the health grows. This will allow the survivor to stay up longer, fight harder, and not be too afraid to enter the fray of a difficult battle. Just don''t expect them to be real immortal...they are not.

  • -40% To Injury Severity
  • +45 Max Health

6 Unbreakable

Immortal or Unbreakable are limited to the player because they are relatively similar in terms of health and limits their injuries. However, Unbreakable will limit the likelihood of an injury by an impressive 100%, which can be fantastic when faced with some damaging zombies like a Juggernaut.

Long-term injuries can be extremely difficult to recover, limiting both the survivor and the player if they are far away from the base or aren''t healing rapidly. This is a good idea for everyone.

  • +45 Max Health
  • -100% To Injury Chance

5 Diehard Veteran

In State of Decay 2, players may build their base, complete quests, or simply proceed to rid as many zombies as they can. If the latter is the case then a survivor with the Diehard Veteran trait is the best way to go.

It''s a strong trait that will keep the survivor going through injury, infection, and a heavy load. It''s the ideal companion to take or to play with when it comes to exploring the unforgiving landscape, and is one every player should consider prioritizing.

  • -40% To Injury Severity
  • +100 To Infection Resistance
  • +10 To Light Carrying Capacity

4 Indefatigable

When players prefer to use a melee weapon or simply want to travel to nearby areas, they should immediately be looking for a survivor with the Indefatigable reward. It''s ideal for players who consider their stamina to be a problem during State of Decay 2 and is ideal for fleeing those quicker zombies.

At the end, stamina is a difficult task to manage and is one that can have devastating effects when attacked by a horde. It''s possible that a survivor with more stamina and a lower fatigue severity will just be a lifesaver.

  • -40% To Fatigue Severity
  • +30 To Max Stamina

3 Red Talon Operative

One of the most misgivings about Decay 2''s weapon longevity is that it is not a bad thing than attempting to discover the weapon is just about to break, or when players are protecting their base, they find their favorite weapon broken.

They will benefit from those powerful weapons while still holding out against those zombies like it''s nothing. This trait, which includes reduced fatigue and increased carrying capacity, makes them a great trader.

  • -95% To Durability Loss Per Strike
  • +60 To Max Carrying Capacity
  • -100% To Fatigue Severity

2 Officer Material

In State of Decay 2, morale is vital because it allows survivors to get additional benefits and works well with other traits that have a negative to morale, but are a great addition to other helpful traits. That, combined with the Wits experience, allows the survivor to acquire some useful skills that will make them a survivor any player will want.

This is a well-rounded survivor that is worth having at any point in the game. They are useful, work well in camp and can be effective around the map as players defeat zombies. It may not be immortal, but it''s great fun to play.

  • +50% To Wits Experience Gain
  • +6 To Morale

1 Volunteer Coordinator

When playing State of Decay 2, morale is absolutely vital. It will prevent survivors from leaving or getting into wars. It will speed up and prevent any financial loss from diminishing as quickly.

The Volunteer Coordinator will not only increase their own morale, chopping the morale of everyone in the camp by four. It may not be as high as the Officer Material trait, but it will be given to everyone, making this trait incontestably one of the best in the game.

  • +4 Morale (For All Survivors)

State of Decay 2 is now available on Xbox One and PC.