Ezra Miller reportedly rented a woman and her three children at a gun-filled house in Vermont

Ezra Miller reportedly rented a woman and her three children at a gun-filled house in Vermont ...

Actor Ezra Miller, known for their role as The Flash, cant seem to be out of trouble, and reports of their bad behavior just continue to rise.

Following Miller''s grooming allegations and protective order in the last weeks, it''s now emerged that Miller was laying a 25-year-old woman and her three adolescent children at their farm in Vermont. Miller met the woman in March while visiting Hilo, Hawaii. During this time, Miller was jailed many times.

Sources have shared with Rolling Stone that the father of the three children is concerned about his children''s living situation, and that two others who are aware of the arrangement have shared their fears as well. A source explained that a couple of children, who is only one year old, allegedly took a loose bullet and placed it in her mouth, but the mother claims that all firearms are kept in the house only for self-defense purposes.

According to reports, drugs like marijuana are utilized frequently in front of young children, with little to no concerns about ventilation, and there is also a non-licensed marijuana factory on the property. Despite the father''s worries about his children, the mother of the children claims Miller helped her get away from her abusive ex." Miller added that she helped me finally have a safe home for his three very young children. The father has denied all allegations of abuse against him.

He has shared with Rolling Stone that he has been contemplating removing his three children from Millers residence since April, even if they were going so far as to contact the Department for Children and Families (DCF) and the local police. The father claims his concerns were ignored and when DCF employees visited the house, they discovered no issues.

Despite DCF''s absence from any issues with children staying in the residence, recent reports suggest this living situation was not the best idea. Miller''s erratic and abusive behavior, and their alleged abusive relationship with a young girl starting at the age of twelve, is certainly in the mother''s best interest to reevaluate if this living situation with Miller is the best and safest option for her young children.

The Flash is expected to be released in the United States on June 23, 2023.