Season 1 of Final Fantasy 14: Crystalline Conflict comes to an end with Patch 6.18

Season 1 of Final Fantasy 14: Crystalline Conflict comes to an end with Patch 6.18 ...

Patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy 14 has introduced significant changes to its PvP system, including the new Crystalline Conflict mode. Now, Final Fantasy 14''s first season of Crystalline Conflict is coming to an end, meaning the first ever batch of rewards will be handed out soon.

Final Fantasy 14''s new 5v5 PvP format focuses on difficult conflicts while transporting a crystal payload into enemy territory. It also has a Ranked mode, where players can compete with others to earn rewards at the end of the Crystalline Conflict season.

Final Fantasy 14 will be down until late Monday, July 4, to increase their ranking in Crystalline Conflict Season 1. Apart from the release of Patch 6.18, Tuesday, July 5, all ranking players will receive their rewards for Season 1, a bounty of Trophy Crystals, as well as a background, frame, and an accent for Adventure Plates according to the earned rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Silver. Each Data Center provides a personalized version for the top 100, 30 and 1.

Final Fantasy 14s Crystalline Conflict Season 1 will not come to an end, according to PvP Series 1, which honors emotes, cosmetics, Trophy Crystals, and others, for the duration of Series 1, which should last until 6.2, which is over a month away. Players should be able to get Series 1 rewards they didn''t receive with Trophy Crystals once Series 2 is completed.

The new PvP mode has been incredibly popular, adding to the previously-neglected corner of the game, giving players the chance to further decorate their PvP calling cards.

Final Fantasy 14''s 71st Live Letter will be released, which will include additional Main Scenario Quests, a continuation of the high-difficult Pandaemonium Raid, new Extreme trials, and more. Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.2 will be released sometime in August.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.