So far, everything has been fixed for Borderlands 4

So far, everything has been fixed for Borderlands 4 ...

While Borderlands 3 was controversial due to some narrative decisions and a lack of traditional raid bosses, Gearbox has done a fine job of winning back fans since then. Despite the fan-requested Tales from the Borderlands 2 releases, it is possible to assume Borderlands 4 will be the next sequel, giving gamers another major story to enjoy.

Borderlands 4 has a clear set to go in when it comes to its narrative, with a few potential side stories to touch on. Although fans will certainly learn more once the game is officially announced and trailers are released, some theorizing can already be done in the sequels story. No official details have been released about Borderlands 4.

Story From The Heart of Borderlands 4s Will Likely Be You

With the main story spawning this act as fatal, Lilith sacrificed herself immediately after getting her powers back. However, gamers were not seeing her death, and there was hope in the community that she was still alive. Sure enough, the Directors Cut DLC seems to have confirmed the fan theories, with Ava learning that Lilith was still alive through a conversation she had with The Seer.

As the Borderlands 3 Murder Mystery missions come to an end, Ava promises that the Crimson Raiders will discover Lilith. It can be assumed that Borderlands 4 will concentrate partly on Ava''s leadership role if she is still young, owing to her ability to handle it. However, fans may consider her as a more mature leader and an expert in the use of her powers.

Borderlands 4 might be able to handle side stories.

While the Lilith mystery may be the focus of Borderlands 4, there are certain topics Gearbox can focus on. One particularly interesting side story to weave into the main plot is that of Zer0 and FL4K. Fans are often interested in discovering Zer0 and FL4K''s origins, and it''s possible that they will find them at any point in Borderlands 4. Additionally, pairing Zer0 and FL4K during this mission might be beneficial.

As this battle approaches, Gearbox reveals that it wanted to expand the universe before returning to this Pre-Sequel concept. When the quest for Lilith approaches, players will likely be informed that it will not be featured in Borderlands 4''s main story. It may, nevertheless, be touched on as Lilith disappears to gather additional Vault Hunters like The Watcher.

While there are still a few small details on the Zer0 and FL4K mystery as a result, some tweaks have been created, and Timothys Jack-like behavior at the end of the Handsome Jackpot DLC is something to keep an eye on. While Rhys is still looking for Fiona, Fiona''s location may be useful in Borderlands 4. There is also a lot of interesting stories to be told with the next major Borderlands title.