FIFA 22: The World's Top 15 Players

FIFA 22: The World's Top 15 Players ...

FIFA 22 will be available for pre-order and will be released on October 1, 2021. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The release of the game is still a few weeks away, but EA has already given its members something to talk about. It has also given the community the highest-rated players in the new game. This has sparked a lot of debates, but it''s important to note that the members of the community will be very equivocal to experiment.

FIFA 22 is one of the world''s most popular video games, which is hugely large, although a lot of players have been waiting to play it before, according to rumors. So, with the game being released soon, the fans will certainly be looking at the highest-rated players in FIFA 22 who would assist them to win games comfortably.

15 Karim Benzema (89)

Karim Benzema was a flop with his club, Real Madrid, who sacked his side to La Liga and Champions League glory, and he played a vital role in both victories. Benzema''s heroics throughout the season have made him the number one contender for the Ballon d''Or.

Benzema had a rating of 89 in FIFA 22, but there is no doubt his rating will go up in the next game. Benzema''s statistics in FIFA 22 are: 87 dribbling, 86 shooting, and 81 passing.

14 Heung Min Son (89)

Son had a wonderful season with Tottenham Spurs as he became the first Asian player to win the Golden Boot. He scored a total of 23 goals and not a single one of them was a penalty. Son will certainly do so in the next season.

Son has a good 89 rating, which puts him in an elite group of players. He has excellent stats, including 88 pace, 87 shooting, and 86 dribbling.

13 Mohammad Salah (89)

Salah scored 23 goals in the league and assisted 13 times, making him the Golden Boot and the Playmaker of the Season a favorite.

Mohammad Salah''s rate has dropped from 90 to 89, which is quite odd considering he had another great season last year. Despite the drop in his overall rating, Salah still has excellent stats. He has 90 pace, 90 dribbling, and 87 shooting.

12 Sadio Mane (89)

Mane improved after the African Cup of Nations, putting Klopp in charge of the number nine position. Mane''s performances in this position were impressive, and he gained a start to his season.

Mane has an 89-rated card in FIFA 22. He has 91 pace, 89 dribbling, and 83 shooting, all of whom make him a great player to use in the game.

11 Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (90)

Ter Stegen had a surprisingly poor season with Barcelona. Both the Spanish giants were nearing their potential, albeit in both the domestic and European competitions. Ter Stegen had only 11 cleansheets in the league and made two mistakes, which resulted in goals for the opposition.

Ter Stegen might lose his 90-rated card until the next edition of the game, but the players may use him in the game as he has excellent performances: 90 reflexes, 88 kicking, and 88 diving.

10 Manuel Neuer (90)

Manuel Neuer had a fantastic season with Bayern Munich, in which the club won the league championship. Each season, Neuer had an incredible season, motivating EA to stick with their previous rating.

Neuer maintains his previous ranking of 90 in FIFA 22. With 91 in kicking, 88 in handling, 89 in positioning, and 88 in reflexes, he is still one of the best goalkeepers in the game.

9 Kante (90)

Kante was one of Chelsea''s finest players in their Champions League-winning campaign. He won the Man of the Match accolade in the semi-finals, which secured Chelsea''s victory.

Kante was rated 88 on FIFA 21, and due to his heroics in the last season, EA rewarded him with an increase, and his new rating is 90.

8 Harry Kane (90)

Harry Kane''s best footballing career starts with a goal and a goal in the Premier League. After a remarkable individual season, it was obvious that he would get an increase.

Harry Kane has been rated 90 in FIFA, a total increase of two points from his previous ranking. Kane will be a must-see addition for many teams in the game.

7 Kevin De Bruyne (91)

Kevin De Bruyne has become one of the world''s best players in the sport over the last few seasons. Last season, the Manchester City star won the PFA player of the year award as he helped the club to a new league title.

EA has kept that in mind while making his card. He has 93 in passing, 88 in dribbling, and 83 in shooting; he maintains his 91st rating.

6 Jan Oblak (91)

Jan Oblak has been a constantly-changing player in Atletico Madrid. The Slovenian international has been one of the world''s most powerful performers. Oblak''s unbelievable performances have saved Atletico Madrid countless times.

Oblak is still the best-ranked goalkeeper in the game. He is rated 91, and it will be a menace for your opponents in FIFA. Oblak has three features in the 90s 92 in handling, 90 in adjustments, and 90 in positioning.

5 Neymar (91)

Neymar''s career has been hampered by injuries since his transfer from FC Barcelona. However, these injuries haven''t encumbered his ability as a player. Whenever he has been able to play, Neymar has remained a fan of the game.

Neymar has 91 in pace, 94 in dribbling, and 86 in passing, highlighting Neymar''s finest features.

4 Kylian Mbappe (91)

Kylian Mbappe, a prodigious player, continues to excel in the football world with his abilities. Mbappe was the star player for Paris Saint Germain, but he had a disappointing EURO campaign. However, he has made a quick start to the season, and he is currently the joint top scorer in Ligue 1 Uber Eats.

Mbappe''s FIFA stats continue to improve and improve each year. He has surpassed 91, with a total of 97, while he has 92 in dribbling, 88 in shooting, and 80 in passing.

3 Cristiano Ronaldo (91)

Not many individuals in the sport can boast the same fitness as Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has won the Ballon d''Or five times and he will be looking to exceed Lionel Messi''s record of 6. He has been transferred to Manchester United in the summer transfer window and has now reached form.

Ronaldo has lost his position as the 2nd best player in FIFA despite falling from 92 to 91. It''s still a very high-rated card. Ronaldo''s highest stats are shooting (93), dribbling (88) and pace (87). If he has a great season, then there''s no doubt his rating will rise, and he''ll be even more expensive in the game.

2 Robert Lewandowski (92)

Robert Lewandowski is known as the frontrunner for this year''s Ballon d''Or, and has excelled in his last 19 games for the club, and he has shown no signs of change.

Keep in mind that Lewandowski has become the second highest-rated FIFA 22 card. His card is rated 92, and it has incredible stats 92 in shooting, 82 in physicality, and 86 in dribbling.

1 Lionel Messi (93)

Lionel Messi, the 6-time recipient of the Ballon d''Or award, is on the top of the list. However, Messi was forced to leave the club due to financial constraints, and he ended up signing for Paris Saint Germain, the club''s powerhouse.

Messi has a 93 rating, which is the highest in the game, and it is well-deserved after his heroics with Argentina, as he guided them to Copa America success. Messi''s most-rated attributes are passing (91), shooting (92) and dribbling (95).

FIFA 22 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.