7 Strong Anime Characters Who Don't Know How To Fight

7 Strong Anime Characters Who Don't Know How To Fight ...

The anime world is filled with a slew of talented characters, and these characters are considered almost invincible in spite of their incredible capabilities. During conflicts, these individuals mainly depend on their sheer force to defeat their opponents.

While this is a risky strategy, the difference in the strength is so high that their opponent cannot challenge them even if they have superior fighting skills. This list focuses on characters who primarily rely on their physical strength to win a fight.

7 Escanor

Escanor was the final member of the Seven Deadly Sins to be revealed in the series. At the time of his introduction, Escanor was considered the strongest member of the Seven Deadly Sins, which seemed to be an extremely bizarre claim considering that the group''s head was Meliodas.

Escanor had the power of Sunshine, which he grew both physically and mentally. During the day, Escanor became a giant with a very aggressive personality, and at noon, he would reach his peak and become almost unbeatable. He simply managed to blow away his enemies with only his physical powers.

6 Whitebeard

Whitebeard was one of the most powerful actors in the entire series, and with his potential, he achieved the title of the "Strongest Man in the World." Although the Golden Beards were also poor, he was unable to use them at a high level.

Whitebeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi, which is thought to have enough power to destroy the entire world. With such incredible power, Whitebeard might create quakes, which resulted in tsunamis, and these tsunamis might destroy an entire fleet of ships. It would be fair to say that Whitebeard mainly relied on his evil fruit because he was too weak to utilize his Haki.

5 Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki is the main antagonist of Naruto. At the time, no one anticipated Kaguya to appear, but according to Kishimoto, the villain would be the final one.

Kaguya was also known as the "Rabbit Goddess," a progenitor of chakra. She had an extremely powerful chakra, and only a few people benefited from Kaguya''s abilities. She even able to make the susanoo disappear by touching it. She had massive chakra reserves, which enabled her to use powerful jutsu, although she wasn''t as competent as some other actors in the series.

4 Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is the main protagonist of JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. In this particular part, Jotaro and his family had to travel to Egypt to save his mother, Holly. Their journey took them through a lot of different locations, where they battled countless enemies.

This was the role that introduced Stands, and Jotaro was given an extremely overpowered Stand, which had almost no weakness. Jotaro''s Star Platinum was capable of defeating other Stands, and it had enough power to defeat them. Although Jotaro had to do extra work to defeat his adversaries, his Stand was far superior to theirs.

3 Zeno

Zeno is the multiverse''s superior ruler, which undoubtedly makes him the strongest person in it. Erase, which as the name suggests, allows him to completely erase anything from existence. There are also characters, who may also use similar capabilities to erase, but none of them can use it on the same level as Zeno, who is capable of exterminating entire universes in the blink of an eye.

There is no doubt Zeno is overpowered, although he does not have special fighting abilities. In the anime, Zeno''s failure to keep up with the battle that took place between the Gods of destruction.

2 Armin/Bertholdt

Armin and Bertholdt were among the best cadets in the Survey Corps, but they were lacking when it came to physical power. However, when they became the Colossal Titan, it became very difficult to stop them. Bertholdt was able to completely remove the walls that protected the people of Paradis Island.

Hundreds of people were killed by Armin''s transformation during the Marley raid. While the Colossal Titan is quite large, it lacks any mobility, allowing the user to only overwhelm their opponent with pure physical strength.

1 Saitama

Saitama is the main character of One Punch Man. Saitama''s ability is completely different in comparison to the rest of the series. This resulted in a problem as Saitama was not able to get any fight.

Saitama''s physical abilities are surreal, and he doesn''t need to make any effort to improve his technique so far in the series. Despite his extensive abilities, Saitama has had many monsters, but none of them have actually made him work for the victory.