During the cooking stream, the Twitch streamer was shattered

During the cooking stream, the Twitch streamer was shattered ...

Twitch streamers have evolved from video games to producing variety and IRL content, but that can often be dangerous if nefarious viewers know their location. During a recent cooking stream, one such Twitch streamer was caught after local police raided their home due to unknown allegations.

The Twitch streamer started a cooking stream on June 21, revealing what might happen, interact with the popular streamer, and discovering new cooking techniques. According to Dexerto, on HeyItsMeSalty, on Saturday 21st, a plethora of dishes was created.

The Taco Tuesday stream from HeyItsMeSalty was halted by armed officers entering their house with weapons drawn upon their return, thus ensuring that the Twitch streamer had the appropriate results. Delicious roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, and sweet potato tacos on homemade tortillas.

In a tweet about the situation, a large portion of the aforementioned stream has been deleted, but concerns about the swatting have swirled around the community, including by the streamer himself who focused on the matter. Given that many of the Twitch swatting events have resulted in worse and more serious responses than previously encountered by HeyItsMeSalty.

As HeyItsMeSalty cleared things up with the cops respectfully, some Twitch viewers expressed their respect for the streamer after he handled the live swatting. Several of his viewers expressed a lot of gratitude for the streamer, while others said they had recited the recipe for tacos highlighted during the stream.