Every Class in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Ranked

Every Class in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Ranked ...

The goal of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is to be a thrilling multiplayer game in which the player collaborates with their teammates to complete the tasks. This is the main focus of a five-part series: the Soldier, the Medic, the Engineer, the Field Ops, and the Covert Ops.

Many players will consider that each class is relatively similar, and that it doesn''t matter. However, selecting the correct class in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is often the difference between success and failure, so selecting the right one is essential. That being said, some classes are considerably better than others.

5 Soldier

Getting a different class for the player in this often challenging multiplayer game requires more than simply picking the best one for the objective. Regardless of their choice, each player will certainly have a different playstyle. It''s worth trying each class while getting to know the player''s style, how they prefer to win a battle, and what type of fight they intend to bring the enemy.

After the player has advanced beyond the beginning stages of the game and considers himself a little more experienced it would not be uncommon to see them fall away from the Soldier class. The Soldier is good, it does great damage, and it offers a variety of abilities, but it also has few extra benefits to help it stand out. Due to the lack of anything particularly special, the Soldier class is a good beginner choice but it isn''t great after the game has been mastered.

4 Covert Ops

If the Soldier class is for those who haven''t fully mastered the game yet then the Covert Ops class is for those who have. Its unique structure sets it apart from the other classes, which can be spectacular or terrible for the player. It all depends on how they prefer to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Covert Ops is almost the rogue of the game. They are stealthy, sneaky, and require extensive knowledge in infiltration and sniping. If this skill is acquired, players may have a lot of fun pretending to be the enemy as they sneak into their map and stab them silently in the back. Or try sniping the enemy from an extremely long distance while sitting safely in a bag. It''s just a difficult class to get used to and is absolutely not beginner-friendly.

3 Medic

Every team has to have a way to heal when it comes to the battlefield of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Medical professionals are essential in any battle game like this and there is no exception for this class. Someone must do it and the team may just achieve the objective.

Medics will often be fighting during the game; instead, they will be running to and from players in the same way as they fall, repurposing them in an instant or hopping between players to provide them with a much-deserved and rewarding experience. This is a great way to play the game if players want a break from the fighting and more Medics are never a bad thing.

2 Engineer

When it comes to a purely objective-based battle like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, there are four types of players. The snipers who label themselves tacticians, the chaos players, the healers, and the objective players. If being a combination of the chaos player and the object player is the desired effect when it comes to combating the enemy then the Engineer should be the appropriate class. It''s ideal for dealing some explosive damage with many grenades and the ability to simply cover the map with grena

The Engineer is an excellent person for deactivating or producing explosives around the battlefield. He can use his wit and abilities to complete the task with flair, speed, and a wide variety of explosions and casualties. It''s access to these explosives and some useful weapons that make it a fantastically versatile class that anyone will enjoy.

1 Field Ops

The Field Ops class evokes the illusion that three classes would be combined. It seems like the jack of all trades, yet it''s still the master of every role players in Wolfenstein''s: Enemy Territory.

This is primarily attributed to the distribution of ammo (just like the Medic), the use of explosives (just like the Engineer) and having powerful weapons (just like the Soldier). No matter what the player decides to do with this class, it is usually possible. In fact, the Field Ops often feel stronger than other classes while doing the same abilities. However, the Field Ops class is the best choice for players who want to choose variety, power, and the ability to excel in all situations.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now available on PC.