Low-cost GPUs have been restored due to a Crypto Crash

Low-cost GPUs have been restored due to a Crypto Crash ...

Bitcoin is down $10,000 (a third of its value) and Ethereum has dropped 40% of its value over the past month. This is increasing the capitalistic calculus of cryptomining to the point where some cryptominers are giving up. That''s great news for GPU prices.

The simple economic forces of supply and demand have been keeping GPUs out of the hands of eager gamers for the last few years. Pandemic supply issues have restricted the supply of video cards, while massive demand from gamers and cryptominers has meant retailers cannot keep GPUs in stock, causing prices to rise.

Toms Hardware has been tracking GPU prices and the publication has noted a decline in average prices for the past several months. Were now at the point where some high-end video cards, such as the Nvidia RTX 3090, 3090 Ti, and 3080Ti, are still selling above MSRP at some retailers. More popular cards, such as the RTX 3070, 3060, and 3060Ti, are still selling above MSRP, but not by much, and perhaps not for long.

On the secondary market, things look even better. Head on over to Ebay, and youll discover deals on new and used GPUs. Here''s a brand new RTX 3080 for $780, or this one for $550.

Former cryptominers who have escaped the cryptomining game and sold their old hardware are likely to rise. This RTX 3060 Ti is a great idea; it''s now available for $275 USD.

If you buy a card from a previous cryptominer, how does it work out for months or even years on end? Well, these cards have usually been working flat out, and while Linus Tech Tips has confirmed this probably does not affect their performance, it likely will affect the GPU''s overall lifespan. It may be beneficial to buy an old cryptominer card, but be sure to check those supporters carefully.

Nvidia will soon release its new 4000-series of GPUs, and AMD will likely follow with its next generation of video cards. It might be a better idea to get a brand-new crypto card with the latest technology. As crypto prices don''t shoot back up, this is putting us back to the point where we were started.