How To Steal 10,000 Nuyen During The Dig Mission in Shadowrun: Hong Kong

How To Steal 10,000 Nuyen During The Dig Mission in Shadowrun: Hong Kong ...

The Dig, a small group of people involved in a dig site under a museum that''s both mysterious and lucrative, is one of the first missions you can undertake in Shadowrun.

When you arrive at the museum, you''ll quickly notice that you have some optional objectives. Depending on how you perform at the burglary section of the mission, you''ll gain additional rewards that allow you to make your player character feel a little bit stronger.

Best Artifacts to Maintain The Maximum Reward

When you start this mission, you''ll notice that you have two distinct optional goals: "Steal 5,000 worth of valuables," and "Steal 10,000 worth of valuables." One bonus Karma point is given each.

There are two meters on the left, one monitors the Alarm Threshold and the other shows how much nuyen you''ve stolen in artifacts. Every time you steal an artifact, the Alarm Threshold will rise by one.

The Alarm Threshold drops to ten, but you will fail the mission.

If you want the maximum reward from this quest, you''ll need to reach 10,000 nuyens with nine artifacts stolen, and here''s exactly how to do it.

The entrance in the image above is accessible on the left. In this room, you should steal the following items:

  • Neanderthal Skeleton, Plesiosaur Jawbone, Valuable Urn, Authentic Utahraptor Skull, Ancient Vase.
  • You should have a running total of 4,530 and an Alarm Threshold of 5/10.

There are a few more artifacts to pick up in the opposite room.

  • Dragon Scales, Mummified Head.
  • You should now have a running total of 6,880 and an Alarm Threshold of 7/10.

Head through the arch to the north and enter the office on the right.

How To Move The Bookcase In The Office

There are no artifacts to steal in this area, but if you examine the Bookshelf, you can deduce that you can move it in one of two ways.

  • Asking Gaichu to move it or moving it yourself by passing a skill check that requires at least five Strength. Doing it this way will increase the Alarm Threshold by one point, which will forbid you from reaching 10,000 valuables stolen.
  • Using the Terminal on the desk to move it. Doing it this way will not increase the Alarm Threshold.

Note that while Is0bel is able to assist you navigate into the Terminal to get some information, you''ll need to either pass a Decking skill check yourself or create the terminal''s password to enter the bookcase. If you can pass the skill check, it''s great, and you''ll either need to use the offices'' information to identify the password yourself or find it in the expandable section below.

How To Figure Out The Terminal Password

The painting in the office gives you a good clue about the password.

The Lady of Shalott is a ballad written by Alfred Tennyson. With this information, you can deduce that the terminal password is "Tennyson."

The bookcase has been relegated, and you may enter the secret storage room and steal the final items:

  • Mystic''''s Staff, Imbued Pottery.
  • With these, you should have a final total of 11,630 and an Alarm Threshold of 9/10.
  • With both optional objectives satisfied you''''ll receive two Karma and can now proceed with the rest of the mission unimpeded.