Hyenas, Mirrorverse, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are among TheGamer's Best Features of The Week

Hyenas, Mirrorverse, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are among TheGamer's Best Features of The Week ...

Happy Thursday, folks. Despite the hectic announcement season, it looks like some developers didn''t quite get the memo as we''ve had a few more exciting (and not so exciting) announcements over the past week and a half.

Some of the most important announcements we''ve discussed this week include Hyenas, Sega''s IP-obsessed new cooperative shooter, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which we''ve already begun theory-crafting, and the recent release of Disney''s Mirrorverse, which is a slew of excellent ideas and terrible monetization.

Beyond that, we''ve got a Breath of the Wild piece that focuses on the future and how exciting it can be, as well as a Resident Evil feature that focuses on the past, present, future, and how long we can learn from it. That''s baby, and a piece that focuses on the past, present, and future, as well as multiple roles. TheGamer lets you keep an eye on time and space.

Sega''s Hyenas Looks Like A Rehabful Battle Royale Experiment

The game''s editor-in-chief correctly calls it out as being extremely tone-deaf on Sega''s part and a clear warning that it''s only trying to do the most profitable thing.

Zack Sacrifice Himself for Aerith Should Be Included in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Not every big reveal has been disappointing in the last week. Square Enix has decided to showcase its fantastic final Fantasy 7 games, including Crisis Core - Reunion - and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Finally getting to see the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project has sparked lead features editor Jade King''s theory-crafting head into gear. The Remake''s main goal is to keep Aerith up in the infamous scene, faithfully following the Remake''s intention of breaking the established canon.

The Disney Mirrorverse Is Not Going Trash Over Mobile Game

Features editor Eric Switzer has been playing Disney''s latest mobile game, Mirrorverse, and has mixed feelings about it. On the downside, the Disney versions of Disney characters are all inventive and making interesting changes to the characters, making them feel unique and worthy of the multiverse spin. However, the monetization and time-wasting tactics that are all-too-monly associated with mobile games aren''t enough.

Breath Of The Wild 2 Needs Proper Dungeons

Let''s look to the near future when it comes to releasing the untitled Breath of the Wild sequel, thanks to a recent replay of the Link''s Awakening remake. Ben argues that we should include proper dungeons in Breath of the Wild 2. In the long run, Link is seeking a model of innovation, preferably one that allows them to reach those who we know and love.

Resident Evil''s Subtle Terror Iconic ''Turning Around Zombie''

Let''s get a bit of reflection and look at the present to finish this roundup. Andy Kelly has been doing what he does best and looking back at the origins of previous games, this time taking a look at the original Resident Evil and its "Turning Around Zombie" detail. Andy explains why this moment works so well, and why future iterations of it are a little less interesting by showing the whole picture instead of being subtle.