Square Enix wants to create "story-focused" NFTs

Square Enix wants to create "story-focused" NFTs ...

Square Enix is still planning to incorporate NFTs and blockchain technology into its future titles, despite being pretty much dead and buried at this point. However, the company does not know what these plans will work at the moment, and is keen to develop narrative NFTs in the future. Using Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, the game is based on the final page.

The following is according to the company''s Shareholders'' Meeting Report (translated by Siliconera) which outlines plans to develop NFTs and implement blockchain technology into its games. Square Enix admits it isn''t quite fully ready to use blockchain technology in upcoming Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest titles, but it does include them as part of its "medium-term" strategy. It''s up to anyone to guess what these games will look like or how they''ll use the blockchain.

Square Enix''s intention to develop "story-focused" NFTs, whatever that means. It''s likely that Square Enix will succeed where other publishers have failed by trying to make them more attractive. However, most of us can see where this plan is headed.

Fans of the King of Fighters NFTs that were recently approved by SNK were shocked by the crypto glitch and the response, claiming that the project was a scam, and that it was, for the sake of everyone, capable of learning one day.