Charizard's 7 Great Movesets

Charizard's 7 Great Movesets ...

Charizard is a fan favorite and a decent starter Pokemon even today. It failed to only survive Pokemon Sword & Shield''s dismissal from the National Dex, but miraculously continued, becoming Champion Leon''s signature pal. This Pokemon is near and dear to millions.

We''ve assembled a team of five fantastic movessets to take you not only to the main game, but to the competitive scene. You won''t be guaranteed to win competitively, but you''ll have a good start. These are, for example, exercises that are well-written.

Quinton O''Connor explains how hot is Charizard, right? It''s enough for us to update our list to reflect the present meta and better inform bold new Charmander trainers on what to invest in for their buddy''s bolder future.

7 (Flamethrower, Air Slash, Flare Blitz, Dragon Breath)

If you''re looking to benefit from both the STAB ("Same Type Attack Bonus," a commonly used term you''ll see elsewhere in our guide), this dual-Fire move sets are great. Flamethrower gets the job done as your go-to Fire move, while Flare Blitz is great when you require more, well, firepower. Air Slash and Dragon Breath over pretty solid coverage.

6 (Ancient Power, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Solar Beam)

This might be one of the most effective move sets for Charizard, as well as great strategy and type spread coverage. Sunny Day boosts Charizard''s Flamethrower (properly this time!) and allows it to use Solar Beam without charge time, putting any water- or water-type in serious danger.

Ancient Power adds Charizard''s excellent Special Attack stat to a Rock-type move that your opponents may never have seen coming. It''s a simple concept with minimal setup, but sometimes in life, the easy stuff is worth fighting with.

5 (Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Fly, Rock Slide)

Fly does not use physical damage or special attack, but is a good defensive maneuver to recover from potentially devastating damage from threats such as Hyper Beam. Dragon Pulse is a fairly high-damage Fire-type move, and Rock Slide eschews Ancient Power''s precision in favor of a slightly stronger, slightly less accurate move that might just make your opponent flinch.

4 (Blast Burn, Substitute, Fly, Solar Beam)

Substitute is the primary strategic basis of this move set. It costs you about half your health but if you''re stuck in a bad way (such as a major type disadvantage) you may have it soak the hit as you charge a Solar Beam. This is a re-counter moveset with the idea that you are kicking your opponent with your strongest moves without worrying about damaging your head.

3 (Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Toxic, Roost)

We''d call this one Blastizard, but perhaps that''s pushing it. However, a Charizard with a well-rounded Special Attack stat is crucial to this moveset. Both Fire Blast and Focus Blast can do tremendous damage with the correct IVs and EVs, and while you should never lose those during the single-player campaigns, you''ll need to be careful online.

Toxic is aimed at causing severe damage over time, and Roost keeps Charizard in flying shape; neither technique is particularly common in the meta these days, so you can keep your foes on their toes and play the long con while you''re at it.

2 (Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Thunder Punch)

This one is our favorite. Perhaps it''s not ideal for every conceivable situation that''s where others step in, but this is a great one to keep coming back for years. Flare Blitz is powerful in two ways, making Flare Blitz more like a Flame Apocalypse.

Earthquake and Thunder Punch are obviously for coverage, but why are these two in particular? Earthquake is one of the most powerful physical attacks games to offer, and it''s super-effective against several types prominent in the metagame. Thunder Punch, however, is Charizard''s response to someone like Blastoise coming along and assuming optimal conditions. Prove it wrong.

1 Dynamax Charizard (Blast Burn, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, Storm)

Sword & Shield''s literally and mysteriously greatest deal Dynamax and Gigantamax. If your Charizard is capable of the latter, this moveset will still work wonders; it''s just going to get morphed somewhat to match the G-Max variations.

The total success of this Dynamax set is dependent on having a Charizard with the Hidden Ability entitled Solar Power. In harsh sunlight, Charizard''s Special Attack stat will rise at the expense of some of its HP. At Dynamax level, and especially at Gigantamax level, that slight reduction in HP should not make or break your plan. Just get some sunlight action going on, whip out Charizard, and behold a powerful special sweeper.