How To Improve Your Stall In Anvil Saga

How To Improve Your Stall In Anvil Saga ...

You will have a tiny little stall during Anvil Saga, but this can be upgraded throughout the game. After going through a bit of the main story, you will discover a task to upgrade your stall for the first time. We have all the answers you need to find.

In this guide, we will take a look at how to upgrade your stall. To do so, you will need 50 fame and 200 gold, so let''s first take a look at how to quickly gain 50 fame.

On Steam, Anvil Saga is currently on Early Access and as such, the content may be altered. As soon as possible, these articles will be updated.

Gaining 50 Fame

You may just build one or two rooms in your house, depending on how the walls are altered, and the roof will increase the amount of fame you may have. Upon completion, each room that you add needs to have the basic furniture items listed on the informational panel, but you do not need to spend additional money on additional items. For example, you will just need to make a simple bed with a table and a chair.

Once you have a maximum of 50 or more, you will need to take and fulfill orders for customers. As you complete orders, your fame will increase, and you''ll soon have 50. Fame can drop, so be sure to keep your shop open and accepting orders.

Earning 200 Gold

Along with earning 50 recognition, you will also need to earn 200 gold. This is a lot, so let''s go over a few ways to quickly earn gold.

First, you should always have ore and ingots to deal with. Early on in the game, you will get to pick a worker. This worker can be assigned to work in the mines while you concentrate on smelting and finishing orders. As a worker increases their mining skills, they will be able to carry more ore out of the mines.

With this in mind, we advise bringing the worker into the mine to collect ore and level their mining skill, while Arthur smelts and fulfills orders.

Special orders may be made on several items, but these include a lot of gold.

With a steady supply of ore, you may quickly make ingots and then complete orders for money. We do not recommend accepting gold debts if you want to be more efficient. This means that the customer will pay you back in the near future, and you do not receive the gold once the order has arrived.

Upgrading The Stall

Once you have both 50 fame and 200 gold, you may alter your stall from build mode. To do this, simply select the option to add a room and then hover over the stall. If you do not meet these requirements, the information panel will tell you the same thing.