Every Princess, Ranked from the Heart Of Crown PC

Every Princess, Ranked from the Heart Of Crown PC ...

Heart of Crown PC is a tabletop deckbuilding game that has a few interesting twists on the genre. One of the most notable of these is that you can only start scoring your win condition until you back one of the seven Princesses available in the game. These Princesses, all vying for the Queendom of the Hellardian Empire, have varied, game-changing abilities that you can gain access to once you reinstate them.

Choose wisely, however, since you can only back one and after you do, your opponents will have their pick of whats left if they all havent supported a Princess before you. The Princesses have a variety of playstyles, opening a wide variety of paths to the Crown. However, some Princesses will have an easier time than others, so here they are, ranked.

8 The First Princess Of Sums, Ohka

Ohkas is able to exile two non-Territory, non-Curse cards and get one card from the market, which is worth exactly one less than the combined cost of the exiled cards, and place it in your hand. However, this ability has a lot of text explaining how it works, but unfortunately, its mostly limitations make her ability unusable for most situations save for very specific ones and even less of those are beneficial to you.

While the ability may come in clutch, like in the off-chance you can trade up to a Rare card like Imperial Capital, those moments are too unusual to bank on. Outside of getting rid of your Apprentice Maids (which you should be set to do before backing a Princess anyways), youre is unlikely to get a chance out of Ohkas''s ability.

7 Princess General Flammaria

Flammaria is a good choice if you want to go to the throne, since unlike the other Princesses, you can provide her with just Farming Villages and avoid having to worry about being in a Succession Point deficit. On top of that, she may even acquire two cards of up to five costs out of the deal, which can result in a good start for some senators.

Even if your build isn''t already functional, the Flammarias war machine can wreak havoc. During the while, more patient players who likely have Cities and even Large Cities in their Domain build up their combo engines, saving your headstart and overtaking you easily if you can''t win quickly.

6 Second Imperial Princess Laolily

On paper, Laolilys'' ability is comparable to, if not more powerful than her older sister Lulunasaikas six-point headstart. After all, the Second Imperial Princess comes with a retinue of five royal maids, each worth two Succession Points for a total of ten.

However, you must keep in mind that these cards enter your deck, allowing you to play them so you can keep going until you do theyre clogging up your deck, disrupting any combos you have going, and forcing you to choose between playing them until they are out, delaying your path to victory (usually buying Senators or Dukes). But it doesn''t matter why you can''t beat the Second Imperial Princess, except that she is cute and has an adorable teddy bear. She can''t catch up and

5 Princess of the South Seas, Klam-Klam

Klam-Klams'' ability is deceptively powerful and in the right hands can win you the Imperial Throne. If you look at all the times, you might have purchased a powerful card, but the downside is that you''d likely lost the kingdom for a coin.

Large purchases like Rare cards require a more common-use approach, which involves grabbing multiple combo pieces in one turn to help your deck more efficiently. Or, you may also leverage the discount to boost your industry, since thanks to the five-card hand size, it is far easier to get five coins than it is six. So, when Large Cities which normally go for six coins are available for five, you suddenly gain exponential value.

4 First Imperial Princess, Lulunasaika

Sometimes, the most effective tool for a job is the simple. While still lacking in frills, combo potential, or even any use beyond the initial backing, Lulunasaika may win by proving itself to be at the Crown.

While it may seem underwhelming, be sure when you back the First Imperial Princess she already has six Succession Points, more than a quarter of the 20 Points you need to declare a Coronation. If you play well and havent blocked your Domain with Farming Villages, which negate your advantage, you have a great chance of winning by simply putting up a good engine to get some Dukes and Senators.

3 Princess of the North, Anastasia

Anastasia, a Northern Enchantress DLC, allows you to take any Action card from the Market worth five or less and put it in your hand at the expense of putting a Curse on top of your deck. Some might argue about clogging their deck and guaranteeing a dead card in-hand next turn, especially in situations where you cant Banish cards.

If taking on that curse or even several curses gets you the win, then would it be worth it? Sure, this is not an option you want to use every turn. However, the fact that you can get any card in the Market, like a combo piece to set off your engine or a card that gives you enough gold for a big purchase, like a Duke, or even the Imperial Crown or Imperial Castle, shouldn''t be taken lightly.

2 Scholar Princess Bergamotte

With this capability, Bergamottes allows you, once in a while, to discard a non-Curse card from your hand to take an action card from the discard pile. Heart of Crown is a game in which one card can make all the difference, especially in a well-tuned deck, so Bergamotte has one of the most powerful abilities in the game.

This flexible technique allows you to draw from maximum engine work, cards that give you money to make a large purchase or even attack cards that will hinder opponents. Besides attack cards, the Scholar Princess''s ability helps her to be resilient against hand and deck attacks, since if anything of hers is removed, only she has to do is discard another card to recover it.

1 Princess Twins Lain and Shion

The Princess Twins ability, appropriately enough, allows you to take double turns. It helps you get a token that you can spend to take another turn after the token is received. However, you cant abuse this for more than two turns in a row, but you get one for everyone who has a Princess when you back Lain and Shion. Even if you get the lowest amount of Twin tokens from this, even one double-turn might be all you need to do the game.

If a card can make all the difference in Heart of Crown, then consider what you can do with a whole turn. This is why Lain and Shion are the most powerful Princess cards in the game. You can have a beefy turn then play that turn immediately, without any input from your opponents. The Princess Twins have the most overpowered ability in the game, showing that time is the coolest and most powerful thing to control. The Queens. Long live.