Top 10 PvE Shotguns For Destiny 2

Top 10 PvE Shotguns For Destiny 2 ...

Shotguns are some of the most fun to use in any video game. They can take down enemies at close ranges with incredible firepower. In addition to this, things get even more interesting.

Destiny 2 has a wide range of Shotguns to choose from, from slug guns to fully automatic Shotguns. Perks can also give these weapons even greater advantages that will reduce the gun''s damage to grenades or increase the damage of your next melee attack. Here are a few ideas for PvE you can use in Destiny 2.

Charles Burgar''s Updated on June 23rd, 2022: While shotguns haven''t seen many changes in Season of the Haunted, the Solar 3.0 revamp has enabled more Titan and Warlock players to ditch Tractor Cannon as their exotic choice. This list has been updated to include Tractor Cannon and this season''s Dead Weight Shotgun.

10 Dead Weight

How to get: Gambit matches and Engrams.

Rapid-Fire Frames are in no way meta in today''s PvE sandbox, but that doesn''t mean they''re not fun to use. Dead Weight is a great addition to the Rapid-Fire model, with some great perk combinations and a solid stat package.

This weapon is a powerful combo, with Grave Robber and One-Two Punch, which is rarely seen on today''s better shotguns. Subsistence and Golden Tricorn are a deadly combination if you need enough ammo. Swashbuckler and Adrenaline Junkie also have huge damage benefits.

Traits to Avoiding

  • Column One: Grave Robber, Subsistence, Dual Loader (with Frenzy)
  • Column Two: Any damage perk (notably Golden Tricorn), Frenzy, One-Two Punch

9 The Fourth Horseman

How to get: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Duslight Shards, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

If you need a boss dead immediately, then look no further than The Fourth Horseman. Each round, with four roundsfive, is giving Masterworkedin less than a second, giving you a damage boost.

In harsh PvE environments, the Fourth Horseman is one of the few exceptions to this rule. Hunters take this gun to a whole new level, using certain Exotics, Fragments, or Marksman''s Dodge to unload dozens of shotgun shells in a few seconds. Only very few enemies with this weapon''s ammo reserves will be firing in a matter of seconds.

8 Tractor Cannon

Exotic Engrams: How to Get These Exotic Engrams

After the release of Solar 3.0, Tractor Cannon saw a modest resurgence. Titans may use this weapon to debuff a boss before throwing hammer after the target, causing huge damage. For builders that can have a reusable capacity or weapon to deal DPS, you will not find a better utility option than Tractor Cannon.

This heavy pistol has triggered Void pulses that have pushed targets back, inflicting a 30% Weaken debuff to anyone caught in the explosion. Tractor Cannon does enough damage to kill red bars in a wide area, and this weapon is highly useful during lengthy DPS spells in dungeons or raids.

7 Bonechiller

Variks awarded the Europa Shotgun prize for Europa and defeated Brig HVTs.

Europa''s Precision Frame Shotgun is one of Destiny 2''s best Special weapons for PvE. This weapon also masks the damage you''d expect from a slug Shotgun, but it also has added security.

Bonechiller is the only slug Shotgun in Destiny 2 that can roll with Dragonfly, causing a clean precision kill to spawn a huge explosion. Bonechiller has the skill in spades. It can also roll with Triple Tap and One for All simultaneously, giving this weapon a 35% damage boost and additional ammo in the magazine when you land three quick precision hits. This weapon is a trespass for all PvE content.

Traits to Start with:

  • Column One: Auto-Loading Holster, Triple Tap
  • Column Two: Dragonfly, One for All, Demolitionist

6 Blasphemer

What is the most effective way to get Altars of Sorrow and the Pit of Heresy''s dungeon?

Blasphemer has a slightly improved perk pool, but is much harder to obtain. Each shot, according to the Kinetic Precision Shotgun, has a fantastic amount of damage, capable of one-tapping the majority of orange bars.

This gun, which features four times the Charm and Swashbuckler, is the best roll for this gun, achieving an absurd amount of damage output in most situations. Throw out a melee ability, then experience a massive 33% damage increase for a few seconds. Blasphemer''s total damage output is sadly reduced due to its other disadvantages.

Traits to Use:

  • Column One: Fourth Times the Charm, Threat Detector
  • Column Two: Swashbuckler, Thresh

5 Fortissimo-11

How to Get: Vanguard''s Playlist.

Fortissimo-11 is similar to First In, Last Out. Both Suros Shotguns shoot slugs, and they can both roll with Vorpal Weapon. Unlike FILO, Fortissimo has a much larger perk pool that allows it to deal more total damage, act as a workhorse weapon, and this weapon falls in the Kinetic slot.

Fourth Time''s the Charm with either Vorpal Weapon or Frenzy is the best roll for PvE, allowing this weapon to up to ten shots in one go without reloading, each with a damage increase. For PvP, there are many better options, but Fortissimo is able to do the job. Keep your eyes peeled for a good roll.

Traits to Use:

  • Column One: Fourth Time''''s the Charm, Subsistence, Surplus
  • Column Two: Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, Focused Fury

4 Wastelander M5

How to Get: Xur''s Treasure Trove

In Destiny 2, Tex Mechanica has finally created a Legendary weapon and it''s just as impressive as you''d expect. The Wastelander M5 is a lightweight shotgun that has the same aesthetic and effects as its Exotic counterpart, The Chaperone.

It may not have the ridiculous range of Chaperone, yet the Wastelander M5 is more than compensated for it with an excellent selection of perks and a great stat package. This is one of the few Shotguns in Destiny 2 that can roll with Subsistence, giving you the freedom to fling the shot, while acting as an inverse Chaperone. Slideshot, Perpetual Motion, and One-Two Punch are some of the greatest rewards you can get.

Traits to the Year:

  • Column One: Subsistence, Slideshot, Perpetual Motion
  • Column Two: Adagio, Harmony, One-Two Punch

3 Found Verdict

How to Get: Vault of Glass (Conflux, Oracle, and Gatekeeper encounters)

Found Verdict is often associated with PvP, which is based in the same Aggressive Frame technique as the popular Felwinter''s Lie and other popular Shotguns. What makes it a plush advantage is its ability to serve as a high-damage PvE Special weapon.

Rewind Rounds and Vorpal Weapon are among the best shots you can get on this pistol, giving you the ability to put almost two magazines worth of buckshot into an enemy without having to pay to load it again. This is also one of the few Shotguns in Destiny 2 to have an Adept version, which allows you to use Adept Big Ones instead of Major or Boss Spec. In terms of PvE Shotguns, Found Verdict sits comfortably near the top.

Traits to be Recommended

  • Column One: Rewind Rounds, Full Auto Trigger System, Auto-Loading Holster
  • Column Two: Vorpal Weapon, One-Two Punch, Frenzy

2 First In, Last Out

How to Get Legendary World Engrams.

Another Precision Frame Shotgun, First In, Last Out, is the gold standard of what a Shotgun should be. Each round has an outrageous amount of damage, has a huge selection of benefits, and it''s quite straightforward to obtain.

The ability for Any world Legendary Engram to offer you this weapon is remarkable, allowing Outlaw and Vorpal Weapon to operate simultaneously. This allows First In, Last Out to annihilate Champions, strike bosses, and even raid bosses like Taniks.

Traits to Use:

  • Column One: Outlaw, Auto-Loading Holster
  • Column Two: Vorpal Weapon, Demolitionist, Surrounded

1 Heritage

How to Get Deep Stone Crypt (Atraks-1 encounter)

The Deep Stone Crypt''s unique shotgun, Heritage, is one of the game''s finest Shotguns for PvE. It''s a Precision Frame, which allows this weapon to deal some fantastic damage if you can land precise shots.

What makes Heritage so special is its unique set of benefits. Reconstruction and Recombination are two unique benefits that can only be found on the Deep Stone Crypt weapons currently.

Heritage''s magazine capacity is increased by passively reloading itself over time. Recombination is a powerful weapon, which allows this weapon''s next shot to double the damage it takes for every major in the game. Champions and bosses do not stand a chance. This weapon requires every Guardian that is focused on PvE content.

Traits & Methods for Successful Success

  • Column One: Reconstruction, Outlaw, Auto-Loading Holster
  • Column Two: Recombination, Thresh, Killing Wind