The Top 10 Burn Spells in Pauper in Magic: The Gathering

The Top 10 Burn Spells in Pauper in Magic: The Gathering ...

Many burn spells have been created over its long history. A burn spell refers to any spell that can directly damage the opponent, for any amount of damage. They''ve been printed at almost every rarity, perhaps most often at common rarity.

This is great for Pauper, Magic: The Gathering''s all-common format. So long as a card was printed at any point, it is legal in the format (excluding acorn-stamped, illegal, and forbidden cards). This allows many obscure burn spells from other formats to be meta threats in Pauper.

10 Thermo-Alchemist

Thermo-Alchemist is a burn card that is one of the reasons that the Burn archetype is a top-tier threat. It is a 0/3 with defender, but it can tap itself to do one damage to each opponent. Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery, it can untap and do it all over again.

Thermo-Alchemist can deal massive amounts of burn damage combined with other burn spells, while also having the ability to act as a blocker for low-power threats. As a result, Thermo-Alchemist may hit the field early, and begin burning the opponent as early as turn three.

9 Skewer The Critics

Skewer the Critics may be a sorcery maneuver if you prefer to use it on a creature rather than the opponent, but it''s still a fantastic burn spell. While it costs three mana normally, if the opponent did any damage, you may pay only one red mana for its spectacle cost, which is reducing it.

Skewer the Critics can do three damage to any target. This damage source can come from anywhere to enable your spectacle, thus Skewer the Critics may be cast for its spectacle cost to handle a large burst of damage with just two spells.

8 Lava Spike

Lava Spike is a simple burn spell that requires one red mana to cast. It can only hurt a player or planeswalker, as there are no legal planeswalkers in the format.

The Lava Spike is excellent for starting to dilute down the opponent''s life, with its low casting costs allowing you to start burning early. It is also an arcane spell, and although unlikely to come up, it can be used to splice another spell onto it and use both cards'''' effects together.

7 Bump In The Night

Black is not the color most people associate with burn spells (something that is usually reserved for red). However, Bump in the Night offers a fantastic, and simple burn spell. For one black mana, you can make the opponent lose one life.

Bump in the Night also has a flashback. This allows you to cast it from the graveyard for five generic mana and one red. Rakdos (red/black) Burn is a deck that has been picking up steam, and Bump in the Night is one of the most well-known players.

6 Chain Lightning

Chain Lighting is a one-mana burn spell that can damage three things to any target. Generally, you don''t want to pay more than one mana for a burn spell, especially one that is a sorcery, making Chain Lightning the perfect mana cost.

The downside is that the opponent may pay two red mana to copy Chain Lightning and use it themselves. It may not always be possible, as you may copy the copy to continue to use it and cause their life to fade. Not every deck plays red or has the mana, making it even better to use against them because they won''t be able to copy it.

5 Rift Bolt

Rift Bolt is a card that you''ll unlikely be casting for its regular three-mana casting costs. Instead, you may suspend Rift Bolt for one turn to cast it when your next upkeep comes to an end, owing to the mana cost that makes it prohibitive to cast.

Rift Bolt can do three damage to any target. The suspension cost is beneficial, as you may return the damage to the opponent, or to a creature that your opponent has been.

4 Searing Blaze

Searing Blaze takes two red mana to cast, causing damage to both a creature and a creature''s controller. Normally, it only offers one to each. However, it also has a landfall capability that if a land enters the battlefield, it does three damage to each.

Most burn spells can only hit one or the other, thus Searing Blaze may be used as direct damage and a removal spell on a lower-toughness creature. It may also be done at instant speed, especially in a land like Evolving Wilds that may trigger landfall on the opponent''s turn.

3 Fireblast

Fireblast is a burn spell that normally costs a hefty six mana to cast. The value can be significant, as it damaged almost every target. However, you''re often never going to pay the cost for Fireblast.

If you sacrifice two mountains, you may cast Fireblast without paying the mana cost. While losing lands might seem expensive, Fireblast is more often used as a finisher rather than a way to trap damage at the start of a game. After using your mana, you may use Fireblast''s alternative cost to complete the game.

2 Galvanic Blast

Galvanic Blast is a fantastic burn spell, although the decks it places most in aren''t traditional Burn decks. It''s a basic instant for one red mana, allowing you to deal two damage to any target. It''s similar to another card, Shock, that has the same ability.

Although Galvanic Blast is equipped with metalcraft, it will compensate for four additional damage if you control three or more artifacts. It is a staple of artifact and Affinity decks, as well as a common removal and burn spell that can be used with just artifacts to reach the metalcraft threshold.

1 Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt, the perhaps most famous burn spell in Magic: The Gathering, is also the staple burn spell in its Pauper format. It''s an incredibly simple card. It can cause three damage to any target for one red mana.

Lightning Bolt does enough damage that it may be used as a removal spell as well. This gives you the benefit of other burn spells that you may not see anywhere else. Unlike Burn decks, it will likely be a staple in the format for as long as it is around.