Episode 4 of The Orville Recap Discusses Political Insurrections and Abortion

Episode 4 of The Orville Recap Discusses Political Insurrections and Abortion ...

This week on The Orville, the Unions'' looming deal with the Krill took an unexpected turn, leading to the divulgation of a major character.

Admiral Halsey reporting to Ed that after regaling the Krills Supreme Chancellor Korin with a Broadway performance (haunting Tomorrow refrain notwithstanding! ), the Krill are ready to sign a peace treaty with the Union in their capital of Dalakos. And The Orville will transport President Alcuzan (guest star Bruce Boxleitner) and Speria Balask (the late Lisa Banes, to whom the episode was dedicated).

With Krill''s approval, a Supreme Chancellor election is brewing, and Teleya (returning guest star Michaela McManus) who early in Season 2 reduced Ed as the human-looking Lt. Janel Tyler swore out as a result of a peace treaty that threatens to undermine their culture, and might even be required (given the growing might of the Krill forces). And, however, the unexpected election results sounded in, and Teleya received a victory. But

Teleya asks for Ed to have a private conversation in which she chuckles about hoodwinking him back in the day. Ed admits his frustration at getting Teleya free after her ruse was revealed, even if she can''t believe it. A lot of people are left behind, but he gets arrested and dismissed by two other people. Ed''s daughter!

After Ed connects some with sweet Anaya (who, like a shamed Teleya, has no contact with them), he learns from anti-Teleya coalition members that making the child''s existence public might enrage her mother to reconsider the importance of a peace treaty. But Ed first encounters Teleya, claiming that he has met their youngster at all, but that she once reveals that she is despising the way humans sometimes terminate pregnancies. In fact

Anywho Ed has slammed his freedom, and Teleya is preparing to publicly execute the Union delegation party one by one on a high terrace above the city center. But two random Krill, which is tossed into the air, have both been molecularly transformed as part of a Directive 21 plot. What follows is a thrilling car chase through the rain-slicked streets of Dalakos, until they meet up with their cloaked shuttle and hit the skies.

As Kelly meets With The Orville above Krill and engages in a massive firefight, the skies are none too friendly. And, as soon as the shuttle safely skids into the bay, The Orville et al quantum the hell outta there!

Ed dismisses Halsey''s suggestion that to out Anaya might make their daughter disappear first. Ed then privately shares with Kelly what Anaya made while she was away from starting a family. Meanwhile back on Krill, we see Anaya play in her room, with the almost-warm look of a mother.

What were you looking forward to seeing in the episode of Gently Falling Rain?