In Season 3, Henry Winkler takes a darker path and gets paid

In Season 3, Henry Winkler takes a darker path and gets paid ...

Barry Season 3 spoilers include Henry Winkler''s work in Barry, which has always been fantastic, whether it''s advising Bill Haders on his war experience or making up with his son. In season 3, Winkler pushed even darker as the show approached a point of no return, much like Barry and his immediate family, with Gene getting caught in and tortured from knowing the truth about Janice''s death.

Cousinau starts the season at his lowest point when he loses his acting class and realizes that his pupil most likely killed Janice, the love of his life. Right off the bat, Winkler is asked to go to a darker place than he ever has, and it will be okay as he goes to potentially kill Barry, but it''s all going to be okay as he goes to kill Barry, and horror-esc music is played in the background and the camera zooms out.

The actor''s first encounters with Barry this season show more intensity. The camera zooms in as he tells Barry he knows he killed Janice and threatens to kill him. Then, the angry leaves Genes face, and he says Oh and is confused. Winkler sells the quick turn so well with his face and mouth, from direct to more open and confused. Then he begs for his life and earns it! asking Barry to forgive. Again, Winkler understands the meaning

Cousinau needs to spend more time with Barry as his former pupil attempts to get Gene an acting role and revive his dead career. Even though Barry flips the script when he gets Barry to respond saying I love him that Cousinau does not reciprocate. Winkler sells the switch to anger and begging to a calm, fatherly demeanor so quickly and it almost works. Not to leave Barry alone, but to restore their previous connection.

Winkler is able to let his guard down as he escapes Barry''s trunk and travels across the United States to return home to see Barry in his foyer. Cousinaus eyes face the horror he experiences when he was forced to hang with this killer and the tight shot on his face showing every detail of his expressions.

Barry is a former Cousinaus character, saying I accept your apology to Barry. Before you go out, Winkler sells the reserved, quiet anger of a man forced to read lines with a killer, not to mention discovering that he may have led to her death. And the anger from Winkler''s first scene comes to an end, with Barry''s straight face never forgetting that Barry gets into his head.

Cousinau departs the book and confronts Barry in the face before leaving him alone in tears. That moment, Winkler lets everything out, risking his life and his entire family just to finally confront him. And it earned. A long-held tension formed from months of anger, fear, and anger is releasing. The held-up rage is a remark to the violence Barry has brought into his life.

Cousinau announces his retirement, and promises to leave him alone. Not to mention his outburst on set stays in the series, leads to a recurring role in the series, and revives his career. Once again, Winkler is up to the task of selling this second chance, good guy role with nothing going wrong. He is friendly, he''s seemingly sincere, and every word he says sticks with the Hollywood scene.

Accept Annie, an ex-girlfriend and former director. His apology falls flat for Annie, and for example, Cousinau dwindled by forcing her to direct his masterclass, essentially giving her that career back. Again, Winkler sells the apology like others, without seeing her sorrow and flaws on set. Not to mention, his humor is exceptional.

When Jim Moss and Janices father enter his life, Winkler confronts Jim about Barry as a good kid, lying through his teeth laughing laughing while saying he believed Barry had a pistol at the cabin where he killed Janice. In Hollywood, Winkler sells the same despisity from Gene to avoid changing his mind.

Moss advances Gene once more to find out how he was guilty of murdering Janice, but Moss goes from a wide angle and tries to snag him about the crime. Winkler also admits that he let Barry go and that he let him down. He also confesses to his actions, saying, ''I am grateful for your continued support.''

Which leads to Barry''s real success in acting. He convinces Barry to confront him late at night on the phone, threatening to kill Jim Moss on the phone. He also observes that intensity when Berkman comes, and Eric Winkler discovers that threat from Jim is true. This makes Barry uncomfortable by ignoring the SWAT team and confessing to prison. This makes Barry feel like he is not a bad actor after all.

Gene''s activeness towards Berkman returns after Barrys loses his eye, causing him to lose his temper again. Like Barrys, he''s less straight and angry, but he almost avoids a bit of a smirk as he sees Barry pull away. Winkler''s satisfaction so well in this scene with his facial expression and the way he waves off Jim as he departs the scene.

This season, Winkler followed his character down a much darker path with the show. He was shocked by the dark surrounding Barry''s life, with Hader''s little facial details and excellent line deliveries remaining beat-for-beat. They forced Cousinau to earn redemption and forgiveness in a way Barry cannot. Winkler then pushes the team and the character even further into the abyss and out of it again.