The Film's True Target Revealed to the End of 'The Hunt'

The Film's True Target Revealed to the End of 'The Hunt' ...

Last year, the film''s plot was misinterpreted and taken out of context to make people think it was about "elites" hunting "deplorables." I''ve explained that the film''s narrative does not really involve right-wing vs. left-wing, and that it now is here. I''ve also explained how the film''s plot does not really matter to much, however, the ending and structure of the film. What writers Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof have on their minds.

The filmmaker is in a small group of left-wing people discussing how they''re encouraged for "the hunt" at the "manor." Athena (Hilary Swank) claims she was only laughing with her liberal friends, but the texts were leaked and her and her powerful left-wing pals were all dismissed because of public perception. The elites then choose to do a hunt for real, then they train for months and pick their victims based on who has been wrong online. One year after the text was leaked

Crystal (Betty Gilpin) informs Athena that she is not the Crystal that Athena and her friends targeted. Depending on their internet profiles and connections to each other, they confused her for a different Crystal (one is Crystal Mae, the other is Crystal May). However, Crystal, who has military training and served in Afghanistan, was never willing to kill them and killed all the elites. "Whoops." Athena''s dying word is, "Whoops."

Damon Lindelof, who is more likely than most screenwriters, is aware of what it''s like to be in the crosshairs of people online. He created a famous comedy with Lost, but was surprised when people agreed on how it ended or how it ended, and was surprised by how many different approaches he and the writers made along the way. It''s easy to see how people are treating each other on the basis of political identities. Lindelof and Cuse see all the vitriol people are sling

The issue with the film''s assessment of online vitriol is that it''s largely straightforward and misses the larger questions raised by the age of social media. The film grazes up against online conspiracy theories and cancels culture, but never synthesizes them into compelling arguments. For example, right-wing people like Lindelof and Cuse have just turned that into "ManorGate." What does this context imply? What does our desire to deduce others?

Lindelof and Cuse are not interested in pursuing the argument because they feel that Animal Farm was accepted as individual rather than online. At worst, the writers see the left-wing and right-wing as equally harmful, which is a form of political nihilism practiced by the dumbest of television pundits. However, this approach fails to recognize that people are also political defenders who are concerned about their ability to thrive. While it''s easy to reduce both sides to caricatures, Lindelof and

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