Kate Bishop and Kamala Khan Remind Us That Fangirl Isn't a Bad Word

Kate Bishop and Kamala Khan Remind Us That Fangirl Isn't a Bad Word ...

When women and girls show excitement about something they like, naming someone a fangirl can still have negative connotations. It can infantilize and belittle our interests and makes people feel embarrassed to talk about their favorite heroes. This is why Kate and Kamala are all self-driving. By wholeheartedly accepting the things they love, they also remind us that being a fangirl isn''t a bad thing.

Kate and Kamala have grown up with the Avengers and their belief in archery and martial arts as a kid after watching Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) take on aliens with his bow and arrow in the Battle of New York. This wasn''t just a passing hobby for Kate. She has given numerous awards for her abilities and is able to hold her own in her first real fight against the Tracksuit Mafia. At AvengerCon, Kamala and her Captain Marvel cosplay are incredibly rewarding. Sometimes

Kate and Clint''s joy motivates him to do everything she can to help him get rid of her arrows and reclaim his arrows from the Police Department. Instead of using Clint''s lone-wolf attitude to protect Kate, she always allows him to express her self-doubt self. It''s because of Kate''s love for men and women that they can continue to trust again after losing his family for five years and Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) after.

Kamala is unable to stand up for herself at school and her mosque, while she asks her parents permission to attend a party. Despite her experience, she does not hesitate to help others with her powers, although she never knows how to control them yet. Kamala is also willing to keep up with her abilities and persevere in repurposing her abilities.

Iman Vellani, who plays WandaVision on the red carpet in the Marvel film, believes that Vellani is as adept as the villains she is in the game, but it''s clear that unlike Vellani, Vellani is enthralled by this universe as she transitions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That''s how she gets to know all of the characters and does not outplay them for the things they like. It''s also clear that unlike Vellani, she does not downplay her

These young women demonstrate that embracing fandom is not just a juvenile fantasy, but also a source of belonging and empowerment. As Kate, Kamala, and Iman, I was constantly seeing these heroes, especially when the theme and logo for Iron Manin flashed across the screen. Today, I can see people on screen who, like us, are unapologetically super-nerds. Through their perseverance, they demonstrate that empowering the word can be.