The Top 10 Iconic Couples from Pixar Films

The Top 10 Iconic Couples from Pixar Films ...

Despite Pixar''s uplifting stories about toys, monsters, emotions, and more over the last three decades, most films have also been home to aspiring supercouples, usually in the form of said toys, monsters, emotions, and more.

These couples are believed to be among the best of the best of romantic relationships; they include romantic relationships, loving marriages, and friends-to-lovers stories.

Mike And Celia (Monsters, Inc.)

While everyone''s favorite green, one-eyed monster is a hoot on his own, Mike Wazowski is even better when he''s with his snake-haired girlfriend, the Monsters, and newly formed receptionist Celia.

Despite Mike''s unexpected antics on their date, which leaves Celia and her five snake heads in cones, she can''t help but care for her Googley Bear as much as Mike loves his Schmoopsie-poo in Monsters, Inc.

Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head (Toy Story 2)

While Mr. Potato Head spends Toy Story as a simple smart aleck, he still strives for companionship in the form of a Mrs. Potato Head and finally receives his wish at the end of the film when Molly receives the toy Christmas.

Molly''s mother, Tom Potato Head, is a well-known playmaker in the film "Toy Story," which she met in the first place. Together, she also brings three other children from the Pizza Planet truck to the movies she later adopted.

Bob And Helen Parr (The Incredibles)

At the start of The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have a lot of romance, but a marriage and three kids are then transformed into a super family.

While Bob is working at his day job, Helen becomes a stay-at-home mom to Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, but it''s the crime-fighting process that helps the world thrive.

Flik And Princess Atta (A Bug''''s Life)

While Flik''s hectic romance isn''t the main focus of A Bug''s Life, the relationship between these two ants becomes a memorable part of the film.

Throughout the film, viewers get to see Flik go from crushing from afar to getting the courage to give Atta a peck on the cheek, ending with Atta choosing Flik as her girlfriend and sealing their new friendship with a proper kiss.

Linguini And Colette (Ratatouille)

When Ratatouille isn''t revealing the story of an anthropomorphic rat who wants to be a chef, it offers the typifying characteristic of a shy, quiet boy who is spooked for the aggressive, standoffish girl.

Linguini despite his lies involving his cooking skills and a gifted rat friend by the end of the film proves to be non-friend material by the end of the film, but as soon as the two own a restaurant in France, Remy appears to be a fancier.

Alisha And Kiko Hawthorne (Lightyear)

While Pixar has included several LGBTQ+ characters in their films and shorts over the years, Alisha and Kiko have made history as the first same-sex couple to kiss in a Pixar feature film.

Although the couple isn''t the focus of Lightyear, this couple steals the show when they''re on screen, dividing their engagement, growing family, and the rapid but innovative peck that Pixar fought to keep in the film.

Lightning McQueen And Sally (Cars)

It may be difficult to imagine two automobiles falling in love, but in 2006''s Cars, that''s exactly what happens for a race car named Lightning McQueen and a Porsche named Sally.

While Lightning and Sally have their tiffs at the start of the film, it''s a memorable moment when the pair merge together, strung down the road to a Randy Newman score that is rightfully named after the couple.


When two sentient robots meet in 2008''s WALL-E, there''s no doubt sparks may fly in every sense of the phrase.

After centuries of loneliness, when WALL-E meets another robot named Eve, they inevitably fall in love and put a new twist on the true love''s kiss lesson from Sleeping Beauty when Eve''s kiss restores WALL-E''s memories after rebooting and he loses his memories.

Woody and Bo Peep (Toy Story)

Andy''s favorite toy Woody and Molly''s lamp Bo Peep sat throughout toy Story 2 while the fans of the films were devastated when Bo was nowhere to be found in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 4, giving Bo non-stars, he gave Bo a life with Woody when they discover one other at an antique shop and reconnect their relationship.

Carl and Ellie (Up)

Together, Carl and Ellie from Up are the most inspiring and heartbreaking supercouple in Pixar film history.

In a matter of the first five minutes of the film, viewers will see Carl and Ellie''s love story unfold in a emotional, musical montage involving their marriage, their beloved house, their devastating loss of a child, and Carl''s commitment to his wife up until her death.