Dead Cells adds additional limitations and accessibility options

Dead Cells adds additional limitations and accessibility options ...

Dead Cells, the high-difficulty Metroidvania rogue-like from Motion Twin, has just received a hefty update. Five years after it was initially available in early access, the game now has a slew of new accessibility features and difficulties levels.

The goal of Breaking Barriers is to make Dead Cells more accessible for everyone, according to the developers in a video. The game will now include two main options, including an assist mode, and its live on Windows PC and consoles.

The accessibility options will assist players with visual cues and mobility, whereas the assist mode will enable players to tweak the difficulty of the game. The assist mode will include completely new options, including a auto-hit mode that will target nearby enemies, and a continuing mode that will allow you to restart every run at the start of the biome rather beginning over entirely. There are a number of new features, but you can check it all out in the notes.

While developers initially imagined Dead Cells to be tough but fair, they stressed that some players would not be playing the game. Unlike previous limitations, the developers said, the new rules that were introducing here should allow these players to make specific, personalized adjustments to the game, thus removing the obstacles that hinder them from having an experience.