In the next Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Chris Hemsworth has done the splits

In the next Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Chris Hemsworth has done the splits ...

Taika Waititis''s films have evolved into a more traditional form of neon coloring, and a sense of humor as a result of many action adaptations from the early twentieth century, and the new trailer, which is now available on Thursday, will go to the 1987 Sweet Child O Mine.

Unlike Chris Hemsworths, the trailer, which was inspired by Jean Claude Van Dammes'' incredible acts, shows Thor coming up in the air to intercept two speeding cars on his back, holding them in place with only the power of his legs.

There is still a good thing about Van Damme''s actions in his films, but this is a well-known CG effect, a tactic Marvel productions trust. The homage is nice, but it lacks the original''s beauty and truth.

Van Damme is an excellent figure in his generation who loves using his body in engaging and enthralling ways, and it feels like a missed opportunity to recreate some of that magic, if the reference is what they wanted.

Weve discussed the fun time Van Dammes Lionheart is on our list of the best martial arts films you can watch at home, and a scarier Van Damme in Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning is on our list of the best thrillers you can watch at home. Bloodsport, featured in the image above, is an all-time classic that you can watch for free with ads on Tubi or Pluto TV, and Sudden Death is a zany, silly moment when Van Damme defeats the Pittsburgh Penguins

Chris Hemsworth should effective learn how to deal with splits, according to my personal message. If you want to bring back that 80s action star energy, here''s your chance.