Xboxs cloud service will soon be equipped with mouse and keyboard support

Xboxs cloud service will soon be equipped with mouse and keyboard support ...

XCloud, the Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, is getting a few enhancements in the near future. The company has started encouraged developers to add mouse and keyboard support to more of their xCloud compatible games and to reduce latency on the service, according to Microsoft during its Xbox Game Streaming discussion at xFest.

The mouse and keyboard support feature hasn''t been available to xClouds PC users yet. Microsoft claims that developers may start bringing their games back to life now, so that the feature will be activated on Xbox Cloud Gaming as soon as it is available.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, which allows players to stream Xbox games on mobile devices, PCs, and some TVs. While not every title in the Game Pass library is compatible with xCloud, there are dozens of titles on the list that may be streamed from Microsoft as well as from third-party developers.

Microsoft is reducing some of Microsoft''s most expensive and slow streaming processes by using direct capture. This new way is able to stream the game instead of Microsoft''s previous, more complicated, display pipeline process.

According to Microsoft, if developers utilize this direct capture streaming technique, the end result might be a 72ms reduction on latency. The downside is that the technology does not yet support HDR, which currently has a max resolution of 1440p, and will run at 720p on computers and 1080p on browsers. However, the advantage in latency should still be significant, as Microsoft believes it is attempting to improve the quality of the new system.

The majority of these features that Microsoft discussed during the Xbox Game Streaming presentation at its xFest developer event will not be available immediately, but these significant improvements to Xbox Cloud Gaming should be right around the corner.