Fortnite versions of Among Us crewmates are infamously cursed by a YouTuber

Fortnite versions of Among Us crewmates are infamously cursed by a YouTuber ...

Fortnite is a game in which characters like Rick Sanchez, Naruto, Darth Vader, and others from Tom Holland (Spider-Man Holland and Uncharted Holland) can compete in a 100-player battle royale arena.

Still, YouTuber Ryan, who goes by the monicker 12th Hour, makes its world even more weird and crappy with his custom-made events. Most recently, he shared a video for an imagined event inspired by the viral hit mafia game, Among Us, which adds horrifyingly big crew members to the game''s survival.

As the player character stands, the massive monstrosity starts approaching. The screen fades to black and then cuts to a meeting of crewmates at an Emergency Meeting table from Among Us, covered with a Fortnite map. I''ll leave the footage here but it''s a little more sussy.

Event Fortnite X Among Us

This custom event isn''t an in-game game, but rather a lengthy process of recording and editing footage using visual effects. Ryan starts by recording in-game content to make it appear like the Among Us character is actually in the game. Then, he adds additional effects to the clip, and it''s ready to see. The Among Us clip takes around three days to complete.

Ryan first made Fortnite montage videos, then reimagined custom gameplay. The first one he made, called I Made Fortnite R-Rated, had a slew of views, so he decided to continue making videos in parallel. I knew it would also be a blast to make, by means of a huge among us character in Fortnite.

For him, it''s about having fun with Fortnite and developing content. My favorite thing about doing these events is simply having the ability to be creative, having fun, learning, and ultimately doing what I love.